1987 Peterbilt model 359,
Classic #345

This is an old school style truck, a 1987 Peterbilt Model 359, Classic, #345, powered by 444 Cummins, 13 speed. The truck is owned and operated by John Pompeo, a 33 year experienced truck driver. 

 What a stellar looking Peterbilt this is.... a really looker.... obviously well maintained and cared for by John, who hails from New Jersey, U.S.A.

I really love these older model trucks.... in many ways, more so than the newer models. I thought it was such a shame that Peterbilt stopped manufacturing the 359 model....a big mistake in my opinion. I guess good things don't last forever.

John claims this 1987 Peterbilt model 359, is one of the classic Peterbilt numbered trucks: #345. These numbered trucks were the last run of the 359's, before the company stopped making them. 

1987 Peterbilt Model 359

They were supposedly only pumping out 359 of them, but they manufactured many more than that... in the thousands, I understand. 

The 359 units however, the authentic ones, have become more valuable and are collector items for big rig enthusiasts. 

There has been much controversy around the authenticity of this run of trucks. Fake ID tags have been fixed to some trucks to pass them off as numbered trucks, to pull in more money for resale..... a pretty dirty trick. 

The best way to identify an authentic numbered classic 359 Peterbilt, is to match the ID numbers up through an official Peterbilt dealer. When they look up the numbers for parts for the truck, it will show in the search.... then it can be truly classified as an authentic classic 359 numbered truck.

This truck of John's is a beauty, as you can see.  It's evidently in top notch condition  ......a 27 year old truck in mint condition. It's amazing that a truck of 27 years can look better than some of the newer trucks... helps when the owner is meticulous about the maintenance and general care of the vehicle, too.

It's an old school style with a very slick paint scheme. We don't see many short hood trucks like this one around... quite unique.  She doesn't seem to lack for power either, with a mechanical Cummins engine.... pre-emissions...just the way we like 'em.

I have a friend who owned a nice Pete, also a 1987, model 359, which he rebuilt from a junk yard truck. What a machine THAT thing was!

These older trucks were great because the average trucker with some mechanical knowledge was better equipped to do some minor repairs.

Nowadays, with more electronics and most of the engine etc. computerized, prevents the truck driver from working on his own truck. Repairs as a result cost so much more than 20 yrs ago, mostly because it takes specialized mechanics to work on these computerized engine... something the trucker isn't able to do.

Trucker Comments on Johns' 1987 Peterbilt Model 359:

**359 vs. 379......  We also have a 1987 Peterbilt 379 (the VIN # shows its about 200 units into the 379, still making the trip every day. (Steve St. Pierre)

**You gotta love the 359 Peterbilt! Great looking Pete! Why did they have to change the look? Really nice ride...good job!

**The 359 Pete is one of the best looking trucks ever. What an absolute crime to discontinue this classic style and look. Peterbilt ought to make a line of these trucks again, just like the 359 again.... it would make them lots of money!

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