1995 Freightliner Cabover Truck

by Mark Sinclair
(Roseburg Oregon)

1995 Freightliner Cabover Truck. I currently run a '95 Freightshaker Cabover. Although the original concept and advantage of a cabover truck, was to aim for a shorter wheel base, this Freightliner cabover of mine is actually has a stretched frame, as well as a tag axle, for increased payload capacity.

This particular rig was originally spec'ed out for special hauling of long poles, such as telephone poles.
It is powered by a 60 series Detroit diesel engine and has a 10 speed transmission.

I occasionally run a set of 32 foot wiggle wagons with her and it really stretches her out.

S.T.G. Comments:
1995 Freightliner - Cabover truck.
Mark, what a great looking truck you have there, trucker! It looks like it's in really good condition. The paint scheme looks good and I must say, as it really complements the overall look of the unit!

Because there are so few of this style of truck on the road, as opposed to the conventional style truck, I'll bet you turn alot of heads, when you're driving down the highway.... and get lots of questions about it too. Most truckers I know are fascinated by this style of truck. There really aren't many working flat nose trucks, but certainly lots of show trucks of this style.

I'm curious to know how many miles are on the truck, the fuel mileage you're getting with it (considering the weight you're hauling) and your repair history. (Also how much weight do you haul, on a regular basis?)

It's a super nice unit and I hope it gives you lots of trouble free miles.

Mark's reply: I run between 93,000 and 105,500 payload depending on my trailer configuration. The truck has a little over 800,000 miles on it, but only about 50,000 miles since the frame rebuild, on the engine. I calculated the fuel mileage at 93,000lbs, and it came up to about 6.5 mpg.
S.T.G. Comment: That's great fuel mileage, Mark, considering the weight the truck is pulling.

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