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10 things i've learned about
the best big rig on the road

Ever wonder why Peterbilt trucks are considered THE best big rig to own? Very performance, reliability and good looks!

Peterbilts are designed for truckers who demand the best! So just what’s the big deal about a Peterbilt?

The moment you set eyes on one, you'll know the answer.

They have that long, cool, sleek large car look!

They are considered by many truckers, to be the #1 big rig, bar none... The BEST OF THE BEST.

Affectionately known as a Pete, this long haul truck is often referred to as the cadillac of big trucks….. and with good reason.

Here’s some of the reasons we love Petes....

Video of Peterbilt Trucks.

top 10 reasons we love a peterbilt

These trucks are thought to be the best big rig for many reasons..... here are some of the great things we love about Petes.

Peteriblt 389 Custom Show Truck Red
  • a smooth ride
  • the long hood…has the appeal and classic look of a ‘hot sports car’… in a long haul truck.
  • The low ride. The airbag system allows the body to sit lower on the frame than other trucks…. Also reminiscent of the ‘sports car look’.
  • The body is light-weight....makes it easier to scale, where truck weight is an issue.
  • Panel construction. The body is completely constructed with panels, which makes repair easier, more efficient and less expensive than other rigs...just drill out the damaged panel and slap in a new one!
389 Peterbilt Show Truck
  • The hood. The straight flat hood is appealing because this configuration would provide the space to accommodate any engine.
  • The shape. When most folks think of the configuration of a semi, it takes the shape of a Pete.... their classic shape has been one of their biggest and best selling features.
  • Easy to customize. Extensive array of Pete accessories and parts, readily available through their dealer network, as well as stocked pro custom shops stocked exclusively with custom goodies, for Peterbilt show  and custom rigs.
Cabover Peterbilt Truck White
  • Retaining their ‘classic’ look. The long hood Pete really haven’t changed much over the years. This is a bonus when buying new or used truck parts. The differences between one model year to the next, are for the most part, very minimal.This may be the top reason Petes are thought to be the best big rig money can buy!
  • More good looks. Because the body of Petes are low, the stacks are naturally higher. The result? More chrome, a sleeker, sharper, longer, leaner overall look

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