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 Big Truck Salvage Yards:
  The Solution to Survival 
for Owner Operators 

When makes and models of vehicles are discontinued, big truck salvage yards are THE place to find truck parts which are no longer  being manufactured.

If you'd like to save even just a little bit of $$, and do some of your truck maintenance and repair yourself, tracking down parts for your rig at a salvage yard, is an excellent idea! There are some FANTASTIC DEALS for sure!

But, there's a catch...... the challenge is this...... finding the 'exact part' for your rig that will work for you.   There's an endless number of makes, models and types of truck parts at these wrecking yards.

Sometimes, you'll be lucky enough that a similar part will do the job. Other times, you may find you need a part that MUST come from a vehicle that is exactly the make and model and sometimes even the same year as your rig..... and thus begins the challenge!  

Since there are so few of salvage yards for used heavy truck parts, the owners of the yards are pretty organized (they HAVE TO BE!), so often a phone call is all it takes to track down what you're looking for.

Most of the salvage yards have a shipping service set up and will send the parts by courier most anywhere in the world.

Used Big Rig Truck Parts in Greater Demand

More and more truckers are turning to rebuilding and refurbishing their rigs. 

Fewer and fewer of big rig owners are buying new, these days.

With the introduction of trucks with all the emissions gear and computerized technology, along with the increased cost of the trucks, fuel, insurance and other expenses, it's no wonder an increasing number of operators are hanging onto their trucks, and rebuilding.

Maintaining a used truck could be the answer to survival for owner operators!!!!

Being burdened with new truck payments over the next 5 years in a trucking market that's unpredictable is a very scary move. There's also the fact that the profit margin for owner operators is pretty narrow, too. Thus, the trend toward hanging onto a truck that's paid for and rebuilding.

There's just not enough profit to justify new vehicle payments..... the mind-set of many truckers.

Refurbished rigs

There's also repair shops that build semi trucks, right from scratch, solely out of used big rig parts..... an amazing undertaking and sell them at decent prices.

It's possible to purchase a refurbished good working truck for around $50,000. Not a bad deal if you're a new owner operator and want to save some money on your first truck.

One of the well known big truck salvage yards in Joplin, MO started up a chrome shop, to supply themselves with the chrome for these big rig creations.

In fact, they did a brief tv series about the trucks they built, but they found the filming of the shows was getting in the way of their core business..... building big rigs.... so the shows were discontinued!

Big truck Salvage yards

Here's a few salvage yards which stock used heavy duty truck parts. Some of these businesses have online inventories and will ship to just about anywhere!

  • Nobleton Truck Wreckers, 6230 King Road, Nobleton, ON, Canada 905-859-0601
  • Tatro Trucks, Chatham, ON, Canada 1-866-391-2223
  • Morgan Diesel, 1248 McAdoos Lane, RR1, Glenburnie, ON, Canada  1-800-267-0633
  • 4 State Trucks, 4579 Hwy. 43, Joplin, MO, U.S.A.
    1-800-228-1103 Ext. 72

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