semi Truck Salvage Yards:
Big $$ Savings

Big truck salvage. Used heavy truck parts are a decent option for repairing your big rig.  Whether you're doing the work yourself or having a semi truck repair shop do the job, 'used' parts CAN save money.

The biggest challenge when looking for used parts, is to find a big rig salvage yard, with a truck that has the parts you're looking for!  If you have an older model of a Peterbilt truck or a Kenworth, for example, there's an endless number of makes and models, so it can be quite a challenge, depending upon what you're looking for.

No matter how you look at it though, you're taking a chance on used big truck parts. There's no warranty...what you see is what you get.

But often times, it's worth the minimal risk, to save some money.
It's especially cost effective, if you're mechanically inclined, too, as you'll recognize the things to look for that can indicate potential future problems.

There's all sorts of unique situations that big rig owners encounter, when repairing their trucks. The used semi parts market often has parts for older models that are no longer manufactured. The custom truck market also relies heavily on this industry.

Why So Few Big Truck Salvage Yards?

From our experience, big truck salvage wrecker yards are few and far between, both in Canada and the U.S . They just aren't all that common, for a few reasons.

  • In this fast paced trucking industry, truckers can't afford the down time it takes to shop around for the used parts needed for repairs. When a rig is in need of repair, time is not to be wasted. Repairs are needed asap.
  • Another reason, believe it or not, there just aren't a lot of big rig accidents, thus not a huge inventory.
  • When there is a semi wreck, it's pretty expensive to get the truck wreck to a salvage yard. The nearest salvage yard could be hundreds of miles away..... $$ big bucks to have it towed. Trucking insurance companies usually don't like to cover this expense.

'Buyer Beware' Advice

Used truck parts

If you've decided to take the plunge and shop the big truck salvage wrecking yards for parts, here's a few recommendations:

Diesel Engines --  Be careful. A big gamble. The truck could have been lying on it's side in the wreck, with the motor running. This is NOT a good thing cause it really can mess up a motor.

The salvage yard owner doesn't always know the history of the truck, so he wouldn't know if it had rolled or not. The trucker in a wreck isn't worried about shutting off the engine if the rig is on it's side... he's worried about his life, if he's still alive. 

Axles, Transmissions, Alternators, Rear-ends, Fuel tanks   --
These used parts could be a bit risky too. They make look fine, but you really don't know what you're getting. There's so many things that could be wrong with them.

Truck axle

If the fuel tanks looks ok, without dents and scratches etc., you could probably have them flushed out and they would work just fine. Axles may look fine, but the least bit of bend can cause big problems with steering, tire wear etc. A bad alternator could leave you stranded. Same goes for rear ends or trannies.

A Lesson Learned!

Used Big Rig Tires

We've grabbed such things as battery boxes, at a 70 % savings from new ones. A heck of a deal, you say.

They looked perfectly fine. They needed an acid wash, but otherwise, they were great.

However, in the repair shop, our savings went out the window. The boxes each had a slight twist, which we didn't notice, and the shop had to make adjustments to mount them properly to the frame. Overall, compared to the price of new battery boxes mounted, there wasn't a great money savings after all.

Good Finds

There are some parts and used  accessories that are fantastic deals, as it's pretty much, what you see is what you get!

A good find at a big truck salvage yard can save you a load of money, but don't be tempted to grab the first thing you see.

Chrome parts, light bars, body panels, hoods, interior panels, bunks, big truck tires, battery boxes, etc., are usually pretty safe bets.

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