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Canada trucking jobs:
truck driver jobs for company and owner operators

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Canada Trucking Jobs. If you've completed your education at any of the accredited truck driver training schools, and have decided to become a truck driver in Canada.

Or you're an owner operator or company driver looking for a new job, it's a good idea to look through the truck driver jobs available and research them very carefully, before making a move to accept another job.

canada trucking jobs: close to home

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Research available Canadian driving jobs which are close to where you live. Living near the home base of the carrier, whether for company driver or owner operator trucking jobs, is always the most 'cost effective'.

As a company driver, you'll spend less money on car expenses and gas on the commute and as an owner operator, empty bob-tail miles will be minimal.

However, in today's trucking business, especially in Canada, the trucking company that a driver chooses to work for, can be hundreds of miles from their home.

This is especially true for Canada trucking jobs for truckers who live in rural and remote areas of the country. Often, there are no carriers located nearby for the type of trucking job in Canada the trucker wants, such as flat-bed, reefer work or other specialty trucking. Since the U.S. population density is much greater, there are more carriers in any given area, than in Canada.

Ideally, it's best work for a carrier close to home. Relocation is an option, but usually isn't necessary especially if you're going to be doing long haul work.

Many truckers nowadays commute to their job, and have successfully found ways to trim down their commuting expenses, in order to secure a job that they are contented with.

know what you want from a trucking job

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Before accepting a position, know exactly what it entails..... number of days on average away from home, radius from carrier's home base for trips, any city driving involved, any forced dispatch, electronic logs or paper logs, miles per month on average, complete pay package details including pay for extras such as delays, border crossings, pick-ups, drops etc.

It's your responsibility to check the details of a job carefully. Be wary of recruiting ads, as they are not always 100% accurate. Ask other truck drivers about the employer. Be sure of what you are getting into.

Know what you want, but be flexible. If you demand too much from a trucking job, especially your first driving position, you may find yourself without work, even though there may be a driver shortage.

If any of the following apply to you, be prepared to have a pretty short list of available work opportunities available to you:

  • only want to be away from home for long haul driving for no more than 5 days at a time
  • won't drive anything but a Peterbilt or a Kenworth
  • can't cross the border into the U.S.
  • a few 'black marks' on driver's abstract
  • won't accept a job without health benefits
  • a higher than average starting rate of pay

Canada trucking jobs are subject to the Canadian Hours of Service Regs. However, when any driver crosses the border into the U.S., they must follow the U.S. Hours of Service H.O.S. regs, which are different than the Canadian rules.

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