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Whenever I see classic semi trucks, I get to feeling just a little nostalgic. Those old big rigs are a wonderful sight.

The styling of the older model big trucks, may look outdated to some. 

But when I catch a glimpse of one of these fine looking older model trucks at a truck show, or better still, one rolling down the highway, in all it's splendor, it gives me hope for this 'torn-up industry'.

The old classic trucks may have been simple and plain in style, but man, they were well-built... built to last. They were REAL TRUCKS.

Simple is Best

Simplicity was one of the best features of these old classic semi trucks. They were simple to fix..... no complex, computerized diesel engines, no emissions junk to mess with. Back then, you didn't have to have an engineer's degree to work on a truck.

The average trucker who was mechanically inclined, could work on his own rig. This was a big money saver for 'back yard mechanics'.

Classic Big Rig Models

New Trucks, Big Bucks

Classic Big Rig Truck

 In the mid '80's,  a top of the line Kenworth or Peterbilt could be had for under $100,00.

Now, the same truck, in a newer model, is $150,000+. But, to make matters worse, the newer semi models aren't any better than these old classics. ...and whoever coined the phrase, 'new is always better', was dead wrong.

Timeless Classic Big Rigs

Old Kenworth Classic Truck

The Kenworth W900 Peterbilt 359, the  Peterbilt 379, Mack trucks and the cabover models, to name a few.... all solid, tough trucks, built for work... built for the long-haul

These timeless classics are symbols of the prosperous days of trucking..... when trucks were reliable, well built, easy to repair and the average trucker, was making damn good money.

When I see one of these older model trucks, meticulously restored in all it's glory, in a truck stop parking lot..... the chicken lights glowing at night, the drone of a reefer motor and the heavy, strong scent of diesel in the air, I think about those 'wonder years of trucking'.

If these trucks have stood the test of time and have survived, maybe the trucker can too. 

Maybe... just maybe......... these restored old classics, are a sign, that the trucking industry may come full circle and the glory days will return.

Wishful thinking, but one can dream.

We'd love to display your classic old truck photos.

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Classic Semi Trucks Gallery

Some older iron and a few 'iron cowboys'.

Classic Old Kenworth Cabovers
Peterbilt Cabover Blue
White Freightliner Cabover
1984 Peterbilt 359
1984 Kenworth W900B
1980 Classic Kenworth W900A  Big Rig
Diamond Reo Cabover
1978 Kenworth W900A
1979 Kenworth W900A
1984 Peterbilt 359
1986 R Model Mack
1995 Cabover Freightliner
1975 White Freightliner/PowerLiner Cabover
1988 Kenworth Cabover
Early '70's Cabover Kenworth
Old Mack Truck Restored
Cabover Peterbilt
Older Kenworth W900A Classic Big Rig
1973 W90A Peterbilt
1986 Peterbilt 379

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