Custom Peterbilt truck photos

A custom Peterbilt truck speaks volumes about the owner.  A big rig owner who chooses a Pete, look for quality, well-built, sharp good looks for their ride.

These large cars are popular among the select owner operator group, who take pride in their ride. They are often old school truckers with the 'old school' ways of the highway,  good business sense, tasteful customized features on their immaculate rigs, true professionals in every sense of the word, respectful of other truckers with the same philosophy, and often find their place with other old school driver groups.

Custom peterbilt: Disorderly Conduct

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custom peterbilts

Check out these photos of custom sure to click on each photo for an awesome close up view!

1986 Peterbilt 359
359 Older Model Peterbilt
Peterbilt Custom Show Truck Black Orange
Peterbilt 389 Custom Big Rig Farmers Oil
Custom Pete Big Rig
379 Peterbilt Custom Large Car
1998 Peterbilt Custom Rig
Peterbilt Show Truck
Peterbilt Show Truck Customized
Cool looking Peterbilt Rig
Peterbilt Semi Truck Custom
Peterbilt Cabover Show Truck
Peterbilt Custom Truck
Peterbilt Custom Truck
Peterbilt Show Truck
Peterbilt Show Truck, Custom
Custom Pete Truck
peterbilt red 379 big rig
Peterbilt Custom Bunk American Eagle
2001 Green Peterbilt 379
2001 379 Peterbilt Lime Green

2001 Peterbilt 379

2001 Green 379 Peterbilt
Peterbilt 379 Custom Truck

comments by truckers, on Pete custom rigs

  • When it comes to a custom truck, you can't beat the look of a Pete with a Texas bumper, lots of chicken lights and that long hood!
  • My favorite custom Peterbilt is a tricked-out bull hauler.....there's not many around, but when I pass one on the road, it makes my heart pound!

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