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The number of female truck drivers in the trucking industry is a very small percentage, compared to the male population of truckers in North America.... presently, they make up about 5% of professional drivers.

Truck driving jobs were traditionally filled by men. The older model rigs, were pretty tough trucks and were difficult to drive... no powering steering, no temperature control, shifting took brute strength, and worst of all, they road like 'tanks'! The lifestyle was very rough and dangerous, too.

Nowadays, the newer rigs are smooth riding, easy to maneuver and very comfy!

Although the lifestyle of a trucker hasn't changed a great deal, they are more facilities available which make their lives much easier than years ago.

If You Can Do the Job, You Deserve the Job

lady trucker

 We're starting to see more and more female truckers in the driver's seat of big trucks. It's certainly about time that the industry recognize that if a woman can do the work, she most certainly deserves the job.

Driving a big rig isn't a 'man's job'. It's a JOB, period....doesn't matter if it's team driving, flatbed trucking or tanker work. If a gal can do what's required in the job description, she should be eligible for the work.

Since the female driver is without question in the minority, we'd like to pay tribute to these gals who have made the 'giant leap' to become a trucker in an industry that is still traditionally dominated by men, and has been, since the early beginnings of the industry.

If you're a female truck driver,

send in your photo and driving biography,

 and we'll post it on the website.

 Meet some of the girls who stepped up to the challenge.

... some modern day professional female truck drivers, who share their stories of the trials and tribulations of their careers, in a male dominated work force.

......a few of the girls who love to drive,

and love their job

..... iron cowgirls, if you will.

Restored Peterbilt Custom Rig

Meet the Girls Who Broke Tradition: The Ladies of the Highway

C'Ann -- This gal has over 10 years + experience. This Native born North American is busy pursuing her political interests, when she's not trucking.

Female Trucker: Nicole

Nicole --Raised by a trucking family, Nicole is an iron cowgirl for sure.....learned to drive an '84 cabover, all on her own. A long haul driver, who's not afraid of hard, dirty work!

Caroline: Lady Truck Driver

Caroline--A seasoned trucker of 22 years, this lady has taken on the challenge of hauling car trailers....her true passion.

Kimmy--Juggling a truck driving career was a challenge for Kimmy, but worth it!

Lady Trucker: Christi

Christy--This female truck driver has been driving big rigs for 17 years and is loving every minute of it. She loves her driving job and the constant challenges of this field of work.

Lady Truck Driver: Brandi

Brandi --This gal was born to be a trucker. She started her trucking career at just 19 yr old, before she was even allowed to cross the Canada/US border.

Lady Trucker: Annie

Annie --A 19 year veteran  female truck driver, she's done a variety of trucking: produce hauler to flat beds.

Female Trucker: Isabelle

Isabelle--Her dream of being a truck driver came true. She's overcome her challenges, and is in it for the long haul!

Lady Truck Driver: Carole

Carole--With trucking in her blood, she's now living her dream. In spite of the roadblocks, she's loving life as a long haul trucker.

Lady Trucker: Kim

Kim--From a family of truck drivers, Kim was hesitant to take up the life style of a trucker...but is glad she did. No regrets here.

Lady Trucker: Karmen

Karmen--Driving for 11 years now, Karmen is passionate about trucking and still loves her job.

Lady Truck Driver: Lorissa

Lorissa--This gal may be a rookie, but she's one of the best of the breed of 'new truckers around....she was the sole female truck driver and Canadian to make the cut for 'TOP ROOKIE IN TRUCKING'.

Amie -- She's the only gal 'chip hauler' in the northern part of Alberta Driving a big rig, keeps her happy.

Denise -- After being told that a woman couldn't do a truck driving job, hauling steel coils, Denise proved them wrong. She isn't afraid of hard work, and has experience pulling a variety of different trailers.

More stories from lady drivers, below.

Why are women pursuing truck driving careers?

There are several reasons a professional driving career is becoming more appealing to women.

  • There's presently a serious shortage of truck drivers in North America, and it could get even worse. The demand for well trained professional drivers, may very well be at an all time high.  Trucking companies specifically target women as potential employees. 
  • Trucking companies want to hire women. Stats stats show a female truck driver is a safe, conscientious driver, and there's also stats to back up the fact that a female trucker, is 5X less likely to have an accident.
  • The pay is still pretty decent, for some trucking jobs. 
  • Trucking jobs have potential for flexible schedules and work hours, to mesh with 'family schedules'.

The First Licensed Lady Trucker

The first gal to be licensed to drive a big rig, was Lillie Drennan, at 32 yr. old.

To say this little gal was a 'pistol' in her day, is an understatement. The authorities back then were very hesitant initially, to grant her the right to drive big trucks, mostly due to her hearing difficulty.

Lillie always drove with a loaded gun. It wasn't unusual for her to drive for long hauls, over 40+ hours straight without sleep. However, she had a clean track record.... no accidents, ever.

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More Female Truckers

If you're a gal who drives a big rig, we'd certainly love to hear from you. Tell us about your driving job.

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