Gallery of Kenworth Cabover Trucks

Kenworth cabover trucks are a legend that lives. The ever popular models: the K100, K123 and K200 are seen on the highways today, and what a fantastic sight they are.

One of the latest trends by truckers, big rig collectors and enthusiasts, is full restoration of these beautiful rigs, from the past.

You'll see them at most truck shows and even pass them on the highway, too!

And just one more thing.... a cabover Kenworth isn't a very common sight, 'they're as rare as hen's teeth'.

If you see one, take a good look... it might be awhile before you see another.

Send in your Kenworth cabover photos.

Cabover Kenworth Photos

Cabover Kenworth Australia
1977 Kenworth 100E Cabover
1985 Kenworth K100 Cabover
1989 Kenworth K100 Cabover
1985 Cabover Kenworth Truck
1984 Cabover Kenworth
1985 Cabover Kenworth Truck
1989 KW Cabover
Kenworth Cabover Pink
2006 Kenworth K104 Cabover 26 MTR
1996 K100 Cabover Kenworth
1984 Cabover Kenworth
Black Cabover KW
'85 Kenworth Cabover K100
1976 KW Cabover
'79 Cabover Kenworth Detroit Power
1994 Cabover Kenworth Yellow
1989 Cabover Kenworth K100 Model
1992 Cabover Kenworth K100 model
1988 Kenworth Cabover

A 1988 cabover Kenworth, sent in by Carole. "When I turned 19, I obtained my Class 1 in this truck in Kamloops, BC. The owner was Sumner Magnus. I remember spending many hours with this truck, even it it wasn't heading down the road!"

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