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Best of Breed:
Kenworth Show Trucks
Photo Collection

Kenworth show trucks: the hottest custom big rigs around. These sleek machines are stunning works of art.

Show trucks are known for their high quality paint designs, lots of chrome, lights and custom parts...........and Kenworth custom trucks you'll see at truck shows around the country, will not disappoint.

Kenworth cabovers are particularly hot models, which are continually growing in popularity. However, these cabovers are much more rare than the Peterbilt, Freightliner and White models.

Some of the show rigs are workhorses as well as show trucks.

It's a big chore for the owner of one of these fine rigs, to keep it clean and looking good, when it's a work truck. The job of maintaining a show truck is very demanding.

More KW show trucks.

It's breath taking to see one of these semis rolling down the highway! At night, they look especially cool, with the glitter and glow of the lights and all that chrome!

**Special thanks to Jack Byrnes Hill for his generosity in sharing some of his awesome photos!

Got a cool custom Kenworth truck pic?

Send it in and I'll post it in the photo gallery.

Big Rig Show Trucks:
the kenworth collection

Kenworth show rig custom W900 black red
Kenworth cabover show truck K100 red white
Kenworth cabover show rig blue white custom
Kenworth cabover show truck black
Old School Kenworth Show Rig
Kenworth W900 Show Truck
Kenworth W900 Show Truck
Big Kenworth Show Rig
1994 Kenworth truck custom blue
Kenworth cabover show truck green white
Kenworth semi custom truck purple
Kenworth show rig black orange
Kenworth show truck black red daycab
Kenworth W900 Show Rig
Kenworth W900 Shell Super Rigs
KW W900 Red White
Kenworth Red Show Rig
Kenworth classic show truck custom

Want to see more truck photos?

More picture galleries here.

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