Kenworth Truck Pictures:
New, Show Trucks, and Vintage

Our collection of Kenworth truck pictures, is made up from our albums and stacks of photos, gathered over the years...... from truck stops, shows (Shell Super Rigs, Clifford Truck Show, Fergus, ON) and rest areas all over North America.... and some are photos sent in by truckers, to 'show off their rigs, and share on this website'!

As we 'dust off' our collection of old Kenworth pictures, refurbish them, and bring them to life, we'll add them to this collection.

 Truckers are welcome to send in pics of their own truck too.... they'll appear in our gallery of Kenworths.

Many of the photos in our galleries are old, therefore the pictures may not be 100% clear..... camera technology has come a long way in the past number of years.

But, we've tried our very best, to bring you the best quality truck photos possible.

Do check back to this page often, as we'll post pictures of Kenworths, as we find them and as they are sent in to us.

Custom semi trucks, older & vintage model Kenworth trucks

Kenworth day cab
Beautiful Kenworth model truck
Kenworth truck
Kenworth truck
Kenworth truck
Kenworth photo
Kenworth with aerodyne bunk
Red Kenworth Super Rig
1980 Kenworth W900A
Kenworth W900 Big Bunk
1984 Kenworth
Kenworth red
2011 Kenworth T800
1952 Kenworth truck
Kenworth red
2012 Kenworth T700
1999 Kenworth
Kenworth truck
Kenworth W900
2006 Kenworth T800 model
Kenworth W900B
2000 Kenworth W900L John Minigan Owner Operator
2013 Kenworth 600 HP 2050 torque
2013 Kenworth, T800
2003 Kenworth W900 Studio Sleeper
2000 Kenworth, T800
Kenworth Blue
2007 Kenworth W900 550 Cat Power

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