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At a Loves Truck Stop location, you’ll find convenience, cleanliness and good service…a good choice for truckers.

Their focus seems to be providing nice clean, organized facilities that are inviting for truckers and travelers, and highly encourages repeat business.

Their commitment to their customers is simple. They believe in providing clean, tidy convenience stops with pretty darned good service. It certainly seems to work for them.

Also they provide clean restrooms, fast food, well-stocked convenience retail stores, good fuel prices, showers, tire shop with roadside assistance & rewards point card system.

History of Love's

In the early ‘60’s, Tom and Judy Love opened an old service station in Watonga, Oklahoma. The Musket Corporation, as it was called, grew to 40 service stations, over a time period of 8 years.

In the early 70’s, the company expanded their original station, to include groceries.

At the time, this was a very ‘new thing’ for America: one-stop shopping for truckers and travelers on the road. The concept of a travel stop caught on quickly and the Loves opened several more stores.

The travel stops were essentially self-serve gasoline centers with convenience stores. In the late 70’s, Love’s Country Stores had expanded into several other states. In addition, they were serving up freshly made sandwiches on site, which Loves truck stops still offer.

Fast Food at Love's

Full service sit-down restaurants are very expensive to operate, and are becoming a thing of the past in many truck stops in North America. Many truck and travel stops are going for quick service take-out/eat-in restaurants.

Loves provides a selection of these quick service restaurants, which includes McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Godfather’s Pizza, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr and Chester’s Fried Chicken.

What We Like Best About Love's Travel Stops

You can’t find a Love's Truck Stop in every single state in the Union, but they do appear in 39 of them….265 + locations now and growing consistently!

There’s a few things that we especially like about a Loves Truck Stop.

Remember, there’s always exceptions to ANY rule…. maybe an employee who hasn’t done their job or the occasional location that isn’t being well managed. But, generally speaking, their facilities and restrooms are very clean..

That’s a pretty big plus for truckers.... one of their ‘biggest draws’.

Loves truck stops have awesome stores with tons and tons of goodies…… and the prices are fantastic!

For the truck driver, they carry all sorts of tractor trailer accessories and necessities, clothing, cb radios, a wide variety of electronic devices, flashlights, touristy items such as t-shirts, post cards, toys, jewelry etc., as well as a massive selection of snacks and goodies in their convenience store.

When making a stop to fuel the Pete, a bathroom break and grabbing a quick snack for the road, it’s good to know when we stop at a Loves truck stop, the fuel is well-priced, the food quality is consistent (you know what to expect), the place is clean and we can expect some decent service and that makes for a GOOD TRUCK STOP!

Smart Trucking Tip

Be sure to take advantage of Love’s reward points systems. Points collected can be used to buy things in their store, their restaurants or tire shop. There’s also a free shower, mug or coffee with a minimum diesel fuel purchase

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