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The Peterbilt 359:
a big truck legend

The Peterbilt 359 model of truck..... a very 'hot' style of big rig truck in it's day.

These rigs are most popular with owner operators and collectors, alike, who often rebuild and restore these trucks to their original condition.

In it's 'hey day', the 359 was THE truck to own! It was this model that gave the manufacturer, a huge boost to it's already solid reputation in the big truck market.

The last 400 of these rigs, were 'numbered trucks' and today? Prized possessions!   The 359 Peterbilt...... the legend lives.... still immensely popular.

359 Peterbilt Trucks - Photos

Pete 359 Black Red White

359 Old Beauty

This old truck picture was taken in Western Canada. One of the biggest perks of the 359, that appealed to truckers looking to restore an older rig, was that they were less susceptible to rust, due to their aluminum composition.

1983 Pete 359


This custom 359 Peterbilt has Cat power, 425, a wheelbase of 315", 370's, 6X4 Spicer tranny, with murals on the bunk. In it's day, it was quite a machine! Belonged to a trucker friend.

Pete 359 black

Peterbilt 359

Many semi truck enthusiasts are of the opinion, that this model of truck is THE greatest rig ever made!

359 Peterbilt

359 Pete with Large Sleeper

I saw this good-looking Peterbilt at a rest area in Western Canada. The big breathers, nice long hood, and the grill configuration, were the signature features of the 359.

Pete 359 Custom

'Born to Lead'

This Peterbilt show truck, spotted at the Shell Super Rigs Show, in Joplin, Missouri, 2012, is the result of a pain-staking full frame-up restoration. What a masterpiece!

359 Pete


A very sharp looking, well-maintained Pete, on display at the Great Lakes Truck Show, 2012, in Clifford, ON.

Pete 359

Big, Bad and Cool

This bad boy caught my eye at the big truck show in Joplin, MO, the Shell Rotella Super Rigs, and what a rig this is! Customized and 'done up right', this rig with matching trailer, was 'eye candy', for Peterbilt fans at the truck show!

Pete 359


Powered by a 425 mechanical Cat diesel engine, 15 over, 370 rears. The owner of this rig, did all of the restoration and mechanical work, himself. This rig was tuned so it had plenty of power... the owner made sure of it!

Pete 359


This gorgeous 'old school' customized Peterbilt 359, sports a 444 Cummins engine and 13 speed tranny, under the hood. It was one of the last rounds of the 359 Petes manufactured, and thus was numbered, this one.... #345.

Pete 359


Another awesome 'old school' style of 359, with a 63" bunk. Under the hood is a 400 Cat engine, 13 double overdrive, 3.50 ratio. With over 3 million miles +, it has all of it's mechanical parts from new!

Peterbilt Show Truck 359 Model
359 Peterbilt '80's model
'79 359 Pete
1986 359 Peterbilt
Blue yellow Pete 359
1986 359 Pete
Pete 359
1984 359 Peterbilt Custom Cool

Although Peterbilt stopped building the 359 model, years ago, and replaced them with the new and improved Peterbilt 379 model, their desirability continues to grow, and the value of these rigs, remains strong.

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