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Peterbilt long haul truck

 You've landed in the right place to find loads of Peterbilt truck pictures. Truckers who are 'Pete fans', love to 'gaze' at pictures of these classic, sleek, big rigs. There's just no such thing as too many Peterbilt photos.

A Peterbilt truck has a very distinct look, among big rig trucks......they're classic, well-defined profile and big on good looks.

Affectionately known as 'PeterCars', these awesome machines are certainly in a class of their own.

Although I may be a little biased when it comes to big rig truck models, it cannot be argued that these trucks have a great classic look that have stood the test of time.

Even used Peterbilts, 10-20 years old, still have that awesome silhouette, that Pete lovers long for.

These rigs are known for their clean, slick, long lean appearance........a quality many truckers long for when purchasing a truck, particularly the owner-operator crowd.

Petes have always been a top choice by long haul truck drivers, owner operators....particularly the 379 model. They have a history of being comfortable, reliable and excellent choices for over-the-road trucking (when the truck is well spec'ed.)

Petes do make great long haul trucks, as I speak from personal experience. They are still popular at truck shows too, especially the older models.

87 Pete

This collection of Pete pictures is a little different than most that you'll see.

These are all working class rigs.

Yep, the trucks that are out there getting dirty and making money.

These are the guys and girls, busting their 'butts' to get in the miles while abiding my the endless list of rules and regs, putting in those long hours to meet their truck payment,  keep their rig in good condition and also have a life outside of trucking (if that's possible).

It's a chance for truckers who have pride in their ride, and the few owner operators, left in the trucking industry, to show what a 'real' truck is.

Our hats off to you guys.... you done good.

Keep on truckin'.

Here are pictures of Peterbilts, along with the specs for some, that we've collected from truckers, both owner-operators and company drivers. 

Peterbilt Gallery

Peterbilt truck pictures, model 389

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2007 387 Pete











2007 379 Pete






2007 389 Pete


389 Peterbilt black


2012 Peterbilt 388


2014 Peterbilt Big Rig Yellow

When looking at photos of Peterbilts, it's sometimes tough to tell a used older truck from a newer one..... especially one that has been completely restored. This is but one of the many appealing features of this breed of semi truck. Not a great deal changes on these classic style rigs, especially on the much sought after long hood models of Peterbilts.

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Peterbilt Gallery of Hard-Working Trucks!

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2001 379, EXHD Classic 
I am a self- employed owner operator. I started David King Trucking in 1997. I'll admit it's been tough, but I love the challenge! I've run Tennessee …

1984 Peterbilt - Model 359 
1984 Peterbilt - 359 Owned and operated by the Late Rene Mineault. Happy trails, my dear friend. My rig is powered by a 400 Cat engine, 13 double …

1982 Peterbilt, Model 359 
This big truck was my 1982 Peterbilt, Model 359. It had a 3406 CAT power, 20 speed spicer transmission and 370 rears. When I owned the truck, it …

2012 Model 386 
This truck is a 2012 Peterbilt, Model 386 Daycab, with a PACCAR MX450, Fuller UltraShift Plus 10 speed, and Pete Flex-Air suspension. S.T.G. Comments: …

1995 - Model 379 Pete 
This is a 1995, model 379 Pete . My truck is a 1995, 379, long hood truck, powered with a 475 single turbo Cat engine. I've been driving this …

2007 Pete - Model 387  
This is my 2007 Peterbilt, model 387 . It has an Isx 475 Cummins, with an 18 speed tranny, with big rubber, 24.5. This truck has 591,000 kms …

2004 - Peterbilt - Model 379 
This truck is a 2004 Peterbilt, 379 . 475 Cat engine 280" wheelbase (stretched) 18 speed with 3.70 rear ratio Leather interior Wood wheel …

1988 379 Pete Not rated yet
I am an owner operator. I haul and spread limestone for Martin's Limestone. This job requires me to take my Pete into farmer's fields....I encounter …

2001 379 Not rated yet
2001 Peterbilt, Model 379, very well maintained.

2013 Model 367 Not rated yet
A 2013 Peterbilt, Model 367, pictured with proud owner and driver.

2007 Peterbilt 379 Not rated yet
This Pete is a 2007, 379, with a 244 inch wheelbase, a 72 inch sleeper, powered by a 550 cat with 350 gears. The fuel mileage has been great, approximately …

1999 Peterbilt 379 Not rated yet
My truck is a 1999 Peterbilt 379, long nose. It is powered by a 500 HP Cummins diesel engine, with a 13 speed transmission. It also has a 56 inch stand-up …

2005 379 EXHD Pete Not rated yet
My truck is a 2005 Peterbilt , Model 379 EXHD. It's powered by a Cummins 500 HP, 13 spd sitting on a 265" wheelbase. The paint job on the truck is …

2004 - Model379EXHD Not rated yet
2004 Peterbilt truck, 379 model.

2000 - Model 379 - Red Not rated yet
My big rig is a 2000 Peterbilt , Model 379 . A few of the specs: powered by a 475 Cat 13 engine 370 rears low pro 24.5" tires 6" straight …

1983 - Model 359 Not rated yet
This Peterbilt is a 1983, model 359. 425 Cat 315" wheelbase 370 rears 6X4 spicer transmissions custom murals (done in Phoexix, AZ) …

1994 379 Pete Not rated yet
I drive a 1994 Peterbilt with a 48" sleeper. It has a CAT B engine, 475 HP, with a 15 speed transmission, 244" wheelbase. S.T.G. Comments: …

2000 - Model 379 - Black Not rated yet
My truck is a 2000 Peterbilt , 379. It has an N14 Cummins , 500 HP engine, with Eaton Fuller 13, 240" wheelbase. The truck hauls 'grain augers' …

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