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What are sexy trucks? Big rig trucks that have 'THE LOOK', iron that stands out in a crowd, a ride that makes a trucker swoon and drool!

Everyone has their own definition of what makes a big truck sexy.

Some say it's gotta be 'black'!

Others say it's gotta have lots of chrome and bling!

Some like 'em simple and sassy!

Some say only a Peterbilt or a Kenworth can be sexy......and the jury is 'still out' on the verdict as to whether a Volvo can be sexy!!

At Smart Trucking,

we like our trucks long, low and bad:

we call it 'large car' sex appeal!

Here are some of the 'bad ass trucks' that have caught my eye.



Send in your sexy rig photos

and I'll add them to our gallery!

Sexy Rigs

Big rig pictures of Kenworth, Peterbilt show trucks, classics and cabovers. Love to post any of the other makes, IF they make the grade!

Big Kenworth Show Truck
Peterbilt Show Truck
Kenworth Show Truck
Kenworth Big Rig Truck
black peterbilt truck
Cabover truck
Dark Blue Pete
Orange tricked out Pete
Red Peterbilt Day Cab
Black and red Peterbilt truck
1966 blue Peterbilt, 351
Orange Gray Peterbilt
Kenworth Vintage truck
Sexy Trucks Peterbilt Show Truck
Black Bad-Ass Peterbilt Truck
Sassy Yellow Peterbilt Show Rig
Peterbilt Show Truck
Kenworth Show Truck

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