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Semi Truck Fuel Mileage Rates: what influences diesel fuel economy the most?

Many factors influence semi truck fuel mileage: the manufacturer type, model, engine spec's, transmission, rear ratio, tire size, level of maintenance, speed driven, load weight, how the truck is driven, who drives it and many, many other factors.

But there are some definite factors that clearly play a big part in determining the fuel mileage of a semi truck.

For all intents and purposes, we're going to take a look at a chosen set of influential factors. From the info, we'll then see what conclusions we can draw, about the influential factors on truck fuel mileage .

 send in your statistics

Owner operators, send in your stats to be included in the analysis. We'll gather together the information, do some high end calculations and see what happens! The more o/o info we receive, the more accurate our final outcome results will be!

Complete the form below and send in your numbers. I'll post all information I receive and hopefully, we'll come up with some interesting 'current' conclusions' and decide what factors 'seem' to have the most influence on fuel mileage, based on 'real life' statistics, as opposed to manufacturer and retailer numbers.

There are many many other things which will cause differences in fuel mileage rates, but we'll stick with these factors for this study.

I'll rank the top makes, engines and drive line combos, which seem to produce the best fuel mileage rates.

This information will be of value to truckers looking to buy their first big rig or those thinking of replacing their present one.

Fuel mileage stats

2005 Inter. 9900i
Cat, Eaton Fuller, 13 sp
373 Rears, O/O
61 mph Speed
80,000-90,000# weight
4-5 mpg US

2000 Freightliner Classic Detroit, 430/470, 13 speed 3.58 Rears, O/O                68mph Speed, 40,000 #, 6.2 mpg US

2005 KW W900L Cat C15, 13speed, 3.70, O/O, 61mph 25000lbs, 6.2mpg US   

1999 Freightliner, CL XL 12.7L, 500 Detroit, Rockwell 10Speed, 373 Rears, O/O, 75,800#       6.6 mpg

2009 Peterbilt 387 Cat, 13 Rears 370, Owner op driven,  90/95 km/hr, 10-65000 lbs, 5.5 mpg CDN 

Fuel Mileage Comparison

Owner operators, send in your info to be included in our study of fuel mileage rates.

Enter the make and model of your truck.

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