The Truckers View of the trucking industry

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The truckers view of the state of the industry is quite diversified.

There are as many opinions and view points as there are truckers.

One thing that many truck drivers agree on is the fact that the trucking industry is volatile and it's presently experiencing troubled times.

Send in your thoughts and opinions of what you think about the industry....

  • What would you change about the present situation in the business?
  • What's good about the industry today?
  • If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose to be a truck driver? Why? Why not?
  • What do you predict will be the future of trucking?

Please indicate what country you are from, so we can separate the replies into groups, for more interesting reading.

We're looking for comments from truckers from Canada, the U.S., England, Germany, Australia and anywhere else in the world.

It will be interesting to compare truckers view points from the various countries. 

The Trucker's View

U.S. Truckers View

  • I love trucking. I've been in the business since my mid 20's and this is my 34th year at it. It's not a job for everyone and as a woman in this industry, it's tough on our health.  I've been both company and independent and there is money to be made in both.  I am old school and believe that the rules and H.O.S. now do not have anything to do with safety, but just plain stupidity and greed. They have taken the human being behind the steering wheel and made them robots with a computer dictating their every move. I know when I'm tired, hungry and burned out. I eat, breathe and sleep just like the rest of the world. Why can't they leave something along that wasn't broken in the first place? Truckers are and always will among the proudest of all professions. We need to get the pride back in the industry and stand up to such nonsense with the feds and DOT. We need to get our voice back and fight for our livelihoods.If you haven't been a trucker, you need to stop making the rules! As for me, I will keep on trucking regardless of who is trying to stop me. I say 'stick together'... shout out about your job and ride with pride! There's power in numbers. Arguing and complaining on a CB radio should be beneath us. Let's shout our voices where the trouble really is and put an end to all this crap going on without our input. (Truckers view by Debieve Burge, Lubbock, TX)
  • Seems the industry is going downhill. What was once united, has now become divided. It's sad.
  • We have too many people that have no clue what we do, telling us how we need to do it! We are THE most over regulated industry. Not only that companies know we have 14 hours a day to work ,they work us as close to that as they can, every day. Basically, we are legalized SLAVES. Think about it, we're told how long we can work and drive, when we need to sleep and how long we need to sleep, how many hours a week we can work in a certain amount of days. We are held to a higher standard then the general public on the road. They can work as many hours they want, go out partying Thursday, Friday and even Saturday and we have to share the road with these people? (Brattleboro, VT Truckers view)
  • Let's see... why would any young person want to be a trucker in this day and age? You work long hours, are never home and when you're on the road, you have DOT and cops trying to take money out of your pocket for stupid things! I have been a professional driver for 30 years never had a ticket or incident in my whole career. Trucking is the only industry that does not fall under the labour laws. Any other job pays you overtime at time and a half after a 40 hour work week or after 8 hrs a day. If you drive by a hourly rate, you get this, but if you are paid by the mile you get your rate and that is it. Should your mileage rate not go to rate and a half after 8 hours or 40 hours a week?
    I was an owner operator back in the early eighties and made a good living. Then the industry changed for the worse.... I was making more per mile back then with my own truck than what the owner operators are making today. Tell me how this can be, as all costs like insurance, fuel, tires, maintenance have tripled in price?
    Freight rates are lower then what they were 10 years ago. The only way we will ever change this industry for the better, would be to have a complete driver & owner operator strike. All it would take is 2 or 3 days,  then the government would start to pay attention. But let's face it... we know that will never happen.
    A word of advice to the young..... stay in school and get a job that pays you like the rest of the jobs do. Websites like this may give the trucking industry a fighting chance! (Truckers view: Norm, Canada)
  • Drivers need better wages
  • Too much government intervention, just my view.
    I've been a truck driver for 35+ years and I've seen some good changes and some not so good changes. Truckers really get a 'bum rap' only takes a few bad eggs to ruin the dozen. Other professionals don't get put under a microscope like truckers do.
  • The government has too much involvement in our industry and makes it hard for us to do our jobs. They can't even run themselves so I don't know how they think they are going to make our industry any better.
  • My personal view is that companies need to take better care of their drivers. Some even think all loads are HOT.
  • It really bugs me that all drivers don't speak plain English. Here in Arkansas, there was a driver who couldn't speak the language well enough to know how to fuel his own truck. Then, the attendant at the fuel pumps, had to tell him to pull his truck forward, in order to use both pumps. How can you get a license if you don't know how to put fuel in it?
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  • My view? Nothing's ever going to change for the better in this industry, because truckers won't agree on things. One day, we are all going to wake up and wonder what happened to our industry, and it's going to be too late.      We can make this industry better if we stand together and fight back. Say no to e-logs, say no to these stupid new HOS regs... they're only going to create more tired drivers. Put the decision back to the drivers. If I feel I'm good to drive 20 hrs, it should be my choice but if I only feel like doing 3 hrs then I will. Instead of going after the drivers, go after the carriers that push the truck driver. (Alberta truckers view)
  • If I'm tired I'm done, but companies say things like.. ..'you gotta  get there blah blah'.  Log books are not for safety, they are a tool the law uses to steal more money from the honest workers.(Truckers view by 32 year driver)
  • From my view point, I love driving truck and there wouldn't be as much of a driver shortage if the rules got better and we wouldn't have to deal with so much bull crap. The only way this business will get better is if we all do something about it instead of bitching, crying and arguing on the CB, in the truck stops and on Facebook.
  • We are the last of the true American cowboys. Let's stand together as one. We can take back our industry and make it better for ourselves and for future drivers.
  • I love the trucking! The whole game isn't easy and it's a moving target, but if it was easy, wouldn't it be boring?
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What's YOUR take on the Trucking Industry?

Make a comment about some aspect of the industry that's bugging you, something you'd like to see changed, or what you think the future holds for trucking.

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