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  • SIZED7 Tips For Buying Your First Truck as an Owner Operator
    Buying the right truck is a crucial step in becoming an owner operator. If you are in the market to buy your first truck as an owner operator, there are some important things you should consider. These tips will help you narrow your search so you can buy your first truck with confidence.
  • Recordkeeping tips for truck driversSimple Tips For Record Keeping For Truck Drivers
    Record keeping for truck drivers - not the most exciting part of a driving job! Learn the basic types of documents you'll need to retain as well as how to best organize these documents for easy reference and access in the future. Easy tips for setting up a record keeping system which will serve your needs.
  • Tractor trailer driving through the mountain roads5 Things Professional Truck Drivers Should Never Do
    There are some things that professional truck drivers should never do. Not only are these things dangerous to the driver himself, but they can present deadly hazards to others on the road too.
  • Speeding Semi Truck on HighwayWhat You Need to Know About Being a Long Haul Trucker
    Although the promises of the job of a long haul trucker are inviting, the life style of the over the road driver, isn't always so glorious. Find out the perks and disadvantages of the job.
  • American Money Hundred Dollar BillsHow to Calculate Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile
    One of the most important contributing factors to the success of an owner operator business is knowing the trucking cost per mile. Simple easy to follow steps for truckers to determine their fixed and variable operating costs and their per mile costs.
  • Peterbilt Truck Loading at Freight DockHow to Back Up a Tractor Trailer Like a Boss
    Learn some simple, yet often over looked tips to back up a tractor trailer successfully.