Accident Prevention Tips For Truck Drivers (That Really Work)

Is there such a thing as accident prevention tips for truck drivers who maneuver 80,000 lb trucks down the highway? You bet there is!

It takes nothing more than common sense and some mindfulness, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

For new truck drivers starting out on their own as solo drivers, here are some easy-to-implement tips for you which may be helpful, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Whatever you are doing, do it slowly and methodically. – Whether you’re coming and going from a truck stop – Pulling in and out of the drop yard – Or looking for a new customer’s location

Move Slowly

Keep an eye on the entire vehicle as you’re just leaving the yard. This is a situation when some drivers take for granted where there are no obstacles.

Be Thorough

Trip Plan

Even when you’ve done your due diligence and planned for your trip to become familiar with the location of the customer on your map and/or GPS, this can still be very stressful.

Get a Road Map and Use It

GPS devices sometimes make mistakes. Be sure to get a road map and compare it to what the device is telling you.

Call the Customer for Directions

Before going in to deliver your load, call the receiver/customer and get detailed directions to the delivery location.

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