All You Need to Know About Paid CDL Training

One way to get your CDL license is to get go through a Company Sponsored CDL Training Program. Several of the mega carriers have CDL schools where they offer these specialized programs.

It may sound too good to be true. There are definitely advantages to getting company-sponsored CDL training and some potential disadvantages.

Overall, a paid CDL training program can be a GREAT way to become a truck driver.

Free trucking school programs/company sponsored training are probably the most cost-effective way to get a CDL.

Are Free Truck Driving Schools Really Free?

Here’s what is required to qualify: - Good, squeaky clean driving record - Good squeaky clean criminal record - Able to pass the physical - Able to pass a drug screen test

Do I Qualify For Paid Truck Driver Training?

Why Choose a Paid CDL Training Program?

- Affordable Commercial Driver’s License Training - Guaranteed Job as a Truck Driver - Many Carriers are Looking To Train New Drivers

Any Downsides To Paid Training I Should Know About?

- May Need To Travel To Training School - Expenses While Away At Training - Training Period Is Short + Moves Fast!

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