Australian Road Trains

Australian road trains are a fascinating configuration. They are the behemoth, big rig  trucks and trailers which haul freight in the wild Australian Outback.

These trucks are literally the REAL BAD BOYS of trucks!

What is An Australian Road Train?

Road trains are known to be the world’s longest trucks, used in heavy hauling trucking.

Rugged Roads If the truck makes just one little slip off the edge of the road, especially when loaded with moving livestock, can spell big, big trouble.

What Are the Dangers of Traveling By Truck Through Australia’s Outback?

It’s so hot here, that drivers can cook up some bacon and eggs on the step of their big rig! Having plenty of supplies is crucial out there of course.


Bush Fires

Another big hazard out there are the Australian bush fires. These bush fires can and have cost many lives.

What Products Do Australian Road Trains Haul?

Road trains haul anything and everything. When people think of ‘road trains’, they automatically think of livestock and trailers full of cattle.

What Happens If a Rig Breaks Down in a Deserted Area?

In these modern times, all the big road trains have fantastic communication set ups in their trucks. If  a truck breaks down and the trucker can’t fix the problem, he can radio ahead for help.

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