Best Truck Driving Safety Tips

Driving a truck for a living is a hard job and it’s a dangerous job.

Driving professionally requires a great deal of skill, it carries a lot responsibility for the safety of others and it requires a lot of common sense.

Being safety conscious is vital. It is what will keep you alive when you’re faced with those tense moments which arise when behind the wheel!

– Know everything going on around you. – Always look well ahead down the road and around your rig. – Being well rested keeps you at your best.

Be Alert

Knowing what to expect helps a trucker be better prepared for bad weather driving and necessary precautions can be taken.

Check Weather Reports

Avoid Traffic

Whenever possible, avoid traveling at high volume traffic and peak traffic times. The more traffic, the greater the odds of an accident.

Leave Room in Front of Your Rig

– This ‘buffer zone’ or ‘cushion’ in front of your rig will protect you and your truck. – Usually, if anything goes wrong, there’s a good chance it will be ahead of you.

Keep Lane Changes to a Minimum

– Pick a lane and STAY in it. – The odds of an accident increases dramatically each time a vehicle makes a move to another lane.

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