The Best Trucking Companies to Work For USA

What are the best trucking companies to work for in the U.S.? New truck drivers and experienced drivers alike ask this question time and time again.

After all, if you’ve completed training for a CDL truck driving career, it only makes sense that ideally you’d like to work for the best trucking companies in America!

However, as the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. What may be the best trucking company to work for in your opinion, may not be the same carrier another driver wants to work for.

The trucking companies we have listed as ‘best companies to work for’, I have not worked for. However, over my many years in trucking, I have met and spoken with thousands of drivers.

I took serious note of the satisfied drivers who stay with the company long term and I learned how to separate the good carriers from the rest. I carefully tracked the history of many carriers, just in case I was ever in need of a new driving job.

Recommended Trucking Companies

These are well-rated carriers which we believe are worthy of further investigation, although it depends  what you are looking for in a truck driving career.

These factors will largely determine which carriers will appeal to you the most. • Do you have your CDL? Or not. • What state you live in.

Determining YOUR Best Trucking Companies to Work For

• How much experience do you have as a CDL driver? New driver or experienced driver. Is your preference to drive solo or team driving? • Are you searching for a company driver job or an owner operator position?

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