CDL Truck Driver Skills – Tips and Tricks

There’s a long list of important and essential truck driver skills that every professional truck driver should have.

However, some truck driving training schools don’t cover some of the driving skills and techniques that a trucker will need in the real world in his trucking job.

We’ve gathered together some useful tips and advice for professional drivers to help refresh their driving skills.

How to Double Clutch – Learn the proper technique for clutching. Floating Gears – How to float gears (shifting without using the clutch).

Essential Truck Driver Skills

Using the Jake Brake – How to use the jake brake, tips and tricks for best performance. Moving the Fifth Wheel – How to slide the fifth wheel on a big truck.

Important Things Every Trucker Should Know

Master Guide of Trucker Tips — This is a golden collection of tips from experienced truck drivers.

How to Handle a DOT Inspection – What to do & what not to do during a DOT inspection. The Deadly Dangers of a Trucking Job —  Know the things to beware at all times as a trucker.

Deadly, Dangerous Deliveries — Learn the importance of knowing the area you are delivering into. Stories of ‘close calls’. Tips For Planning Your Trips – Planning is a must for all truckers. Saves time, money and stress.

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