Chaining Up a Big Rig Truck – A Trucker’s Quick Guide

Step by step instruction on chaining up a big rig. If you are a truck driver, there may be times in your trucking career, you ‘may’ be required to chain up your truck.

If you run in areas that don’t get snow or icy conditions, consider yourself fortunate!

However, as a professional truck driver, you may wish to acquire this skill as you may find yourself in another job someday and it maybe necessary to chain up!

The first step is simply place the chains flat out on the ground.  I’ve found this is the best way to start.

Step One – Lay Chains Flat – Inspect

Spread the chains evenly over the surface of the tire. You already know they fit, as you dry fitted them.

Step Two – Drape Chains Over Wheels

Step Three – Hook the Inside Clip

You may have a tool that you like to do this job. But, I find the fifth wheel hook a handy tool for this step. I use it to hook the inside clip, between the tires.

Step Four – Tighten the Cams

The cams are a simple configuration and they are relatively easy to hook up. The purpose of the cams is to fasten the entire chain down at the end of the process.

Step Five – Add Extra Security

The rubber straps can be hooked onto the chain, evenly spaced to secure and tighten up the entire configuration.

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