Critical Mountain Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

Mountain driving for truck drivers can be intimidating, especially for first time or rookie drivers.

If you follow some basic safety rules and take advantage of the safety features available to you then you can quickly gain confidence on mountain routes.

Follow these mountain driving tips especially new truck drivers, when travelling on risky terrain.

Always look for the grade signs posted. They should be marked and will give you an idea of what speed you should maintain during your climb or descent.

Pay Close Attention to Your Grade

No truck driver ever died from traveling down a mountain too slowly. Always creep down the hill. Never travel too quickly.

Keep Your Truck Going Slow and Steady

Watch the Weather And Chain Up

This will help with trip planning. Mountain weather is unpredictable so it is good to check the weather the day of your route.

Don’t Tailgate

If the truck in front of you hits the brakes and his trailer starts to walk sideways, you need to have the room to get your truck and trailer slowed down and stopped.

How to Regain Control of Your Truck When Driving in the Mountains

If you feel for whatever reason you are starting to lose control of the truck, try crowding the truck/trailer unit to the shoulder of the road if possible.

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