Essential Tips for Your First Year as a New Truck Driver

If you are a new truck driver, there are some truths you ought to know. This information is not meant to scare you away from a job as a trucker.

It’s meant to equip you with straight up information and knowledge for that first and important year of your new truck driving career.

If you have just finished CDL training or are still in the process of completing their CDL training program, you may benefit from this knowledge.

Experience is important when it comes to getting the best truck driving job. The more experience you have behind the wheel, the better driver you’ll become.

Getting Driving Experience

Keep in mind that the main goal of that first year as a new truck driver, is the seat time. Enduring such a program can be a challenge unto itself.

Getting Seat Time

New truck driver training pay can be lousy.  So be prepared to take somewhat of a financial hit. Most carriers pay poor wages for the training period.

Paid CDL Training Program Wages Can Be Lousy

One of your most important goals is to minimize the chances of having an accident. Accidents are very common in that first year as a professional truck driver.

Minimize Accidents

Your family needs to know what to expect as well, and be prepared. It’s simply part of the lifestyle of a trucker.

Adjust To Being Away From Home

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