Everything You’ll Want To Know About Paid CDL Training

Paid CDL training is an alternative to private truck driver training schools, for those of you who are thinking about getting your CDL license but are put off by the high cost of tuition at a private CDL training program.

After all, it always feels a little crazy to have to pay a boatload of money to get a job. One way to get your CDL license is to get go through a Company Sponsored CDL Training Program. 

Taking advantage of one of these programs can be a pretty smart way to get your CDL license, should you not have the money to go to a private training program.

It’s like a 2-For-1 deal….. training AND a job. Sounds pretty good, right? They can be, but you need to make sure your contract is very clear from the start.

How Does Paid CDL Training Work?

Some trucking company-sponsored CDL training programs have a plan where the company deducts the training fee from their monthly pay.

Are Free Truck Driving Schools Really Free?

It’s really important to ask questions before signing on to make sure that you know full and well what you’re getting yourself in to.

Here’s what is required to qualify for most of the company sponsored programs. 1. Good, squeaky clean driving record. 2. Good squeaky clean criminal record.

Do I Qualify For Paid Truck Driver Training?

1. Affordable Commercial Driver’s License Training 2. Guaranteed Job as a Truck Driver 3. Many Carriers are Looking To Train New Drivers

Why Choose a Paid CDL Training Program?

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