Freight Shortage 2023: What’s Up With The Crisis

The trucking industry has been facing numerous challenges in recent years, and it seems that 2023 is no exception.

One of the main issues currently plaguing the industry is a significant shortage of freight.

This shortage has led to a domino effect, impacting various stakeholders within the industry, including truck drivers, trucking companies, and ultimately, American consumers.

– Stress – Physical deprivation – Loneliness – Health challenges as a result of the job

The Impact on Truck Drivers

The trucking industry puts forth a great effort to automate trucks, with the goal in mind to replace the human truck driver.

The Truck Driver: A Forgotten Vital Link in the Supply

The Impact On Trucking Companies

These shortages can lead to an increase in maintenance costs and operational challenges, further impacting already thin profit margins.

Will Truck Drivers Lose Their Jobs?

As for the question of whether truck drivers will lose their jobs, the impact is yet to be seen. While businesses might be facing difficulties, the driver shortage also continues to be an issue.

With unpredictable sales, margins, and freight volume, adapting to the new business landscape is key for success, while also addressing labour and part shortages.

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