No matter what anyone tells you, trucker relationships are challenging. Trucker wives and their trucker husbands (or the other way around), face a multitude of difficult issues.

Both partners have difficult roles to fulfill. In a positive, workable partnership, both must GIVE more than they take in order to create the foundations for a solid relationship.

Here are a few ideas to help trucker relationships not only survive the stresses and hardships of a trucking career but also make for a good, healthy strong relationship that lasts a lifetime.

When you are home, plan for dates with each other. Get a chance to talk and stay ‘tuned’ to each other.

Tip #1 – Spend As Much Time Together As Possible

They must deal with EVERYTHING that comes along, no matter what it is.

Tip #2 – Learn How to Handle Daily Stress

Tip #3 – Be Open & Honest With Your Trucking Spouse

Tell your spouse that you admire and respect them for all the big and little things they do for you.

Tip #4 – Your Relationship With Your Partner Must Come First

Couples should agree and make a deal, that when it comes to important things, their relationship always comes first.

Tip #5 – Have Contact With Each Other Every Day

If either has difficulty expressing their feelings during a phone chat, that’s ok. Practice! Work on it and it will get easier with time.

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