The top Trucking Companies to Work For USA

If you’ve completed training for a CDL truck driving career, it only makes sense that ideally you’d like to work for the best trucking companies in America!

The trucking companies we have listed as ‘best companies to work for’, I have not worked for. However, over my many years in trucking, I have met and spoken with thousands of drivers.

You will find it interesting to note that some of the carriers I would have recommended 20 years ago, don’t make my current recommendation list.

H.O. Wolding, Inc.

Wolding is a dry freight carrier, privately owned, located in Amherst, Wisconsin. A well managed carrier known for treating their drivers well.

Nussbaum Transportation

Nussbaum is in Hudson, Illinois. They are a medium size carrier, a dry freight hauling company, wisely managed and are known for being well liked by their drivers.

Pride Transport Inc.

They run top notch equipment. Pride is privately owned. They have an excellent reputation for treating their drivers ‘like family’.

Walmart is a quality trucking company with great job security and very low driver turnover, both much sought after qualities by drivers.


TMC is a flatbed trucking outfit, based in Des Moines, Iowa. They own and operate excellent equipment, a definite attraction for drivers.

TMC Transportation

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