Tips to Maintain Traction on Slippery Grades

In winter driving conditions, the goal for a trucker is to maintain traction on a slippery hill, when ascending and descending the hill.

Negotiating a slippery hill in a big rig, is one of the most challenging situations a professional CDL driver will encounter in his truck driving career.

Snow covered grades present a whole different driving scenario to a truck driver. There are a few good tricks which I use that you may also find useful.

The interlock is engaged in order that all the drive wheels are in touch with the drive shaft and the gears. This helps the truck to maintain that all important traction.

Axle interlock engaged

Don’t give the truck too much fuel when you’re going climbing a grade, because it could cause the wheels to spin. Just gradually increase the engine power.

Feather the fuel

Keep the Engine Running Closer to the Top of RPM Range

By keeping the engine running in this manner, should the wheels decide to spin a little bit, they can only turn a couple hundred RPM before they hit the limiter.

Approach a Corner Cautiously

If you see a corner when you’re climbing, be aware of your speed as you approach the corner. Do not approach a corner with excess speed.

Keep a Little to the Right Shoulder

Chances are, there’s gravel on that right shoulder that will help give you a little more of a grip to help you maintain traction on slippery hills.

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