Truck Driver Health Tips – Simple Ways to Stay Sharp On the Road

Truck driver health is a topic that doesn’t receive enough attention, for the CDL driver. Life on the road for a truck driver can become an all-consuming lifestyle.

Truck drivers on average due to their lifestyle, statistically have more health problems and shorter life spans than people in other careers.

Overcoming the obstacles to good health is certainly a challenge for the truck driver. Forming new habits one at a time is a good way to get started to improve your health.

Ideally, try to sip at your water all day long rather than just drinking when you are thirsty. Drink the best ‘quality’ water you can find.

Stay Hydrated

Not only do they contain lots of great vitamins and minerals for overall health, they help digestion, too. Consuming 5-10 of them per day is good, and more is even better.

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Avoid Stimulants

These drinks are intended to give your mind and body short term artificial boosts of energy and alertness.

Eat Less Junk Food

Ease up on the junk food, such as potato chips, chocolate bars, fries, burgers etc. They’ll plug up your arteries and cause lots of other problems too.


Proper rest is vital — it regenerates the body and helps keep the mind sharp.

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