Truck Driver Tips For Handling High Risk Deliveries

Unsafe, high-risk deliveries are an unfortunate risk of a truck driver’s job, although truly, not part of the job. It’s vital to know how to handle a situation, should you find yourself in an unsafe area.

Drivers should ask the receiver, when delivering to a new location about any safety issues the area might present. Ask questions to find out whatever you’re able about the area.

Some delivery areas just aren’t safe. Personal safety could be at risk. Find out BEFORE getting into the area, rather than when arriving.

Dispatchers will sometimes say things which just are not true. They probably won’t tell you if there have been problems in the area previously.

Don’t Rely on Dispatch For All the Answers

– Notify your company of your findings (satellite or cell phone). – Be sure the truck doors are locked. – Stay on the main streets.

In an Unsafe Area? What to Do

In an Unsafe Area? What to Do

– Keep your cell phone handy, in case you need to call 911, or take a photo. – Don’t stop. Keep the truck moving if you’re able.

Drivers are Responsible for Their Own Safety

Making high risk deliveries and thus jeopardizing your safety and risking your life for your job as a truck driver, just isn’t worth it. It isn’t part of the job.

The main focus of trucking companies is profit. Sometimes, their goal to have a profitable quarter trumps everything else.

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