Your Guide to Truck Shows You Don’t Want to Miss!

Truck shows are THE place to see those custom big rigs you’ve been dreaming of. The shiny, sleek and tricked out 18 wheelers you’ll see at these trucking events, will make your heart pound.

Many shows for big trucks often have a specific focus. Some are old school vintage models, antique and classic semi truck models are definitely the most popular.

The shows and events for trucks, are not just about custom trucks. They are also for educating the public, and giving them a better, more in-depth understanding about the trucking industry.

A custom truck show will highlight the best of the industry, so in a way, it helps the public see there are good things about trucking.

Here, you’ll find just some of the fantastic events held around the country, along with the dates of upcoming shows.

Annual Eastern Shore Large Cars — Caroline County 4-H Grounds, Detour Rd., Denton, MD, Lanita Specialized LLC Annual Truck Show , Mount Aetna, Pennsylvania, September


Annual Masonic Motorama, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, (Call 484 239 5294) South Jersey Show and Shine, New Jersey Motorsports Park, October 2023 Charlotte Diesel Super S., Charlotte, NC


No events are scheduled.

November, December

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