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Big rigs show trucks:
stylin' and profilin'

Big rigs show trucks, always a fine sight! Custom semi trucks are definitely in  a class of their own....... slick, show room mirror finish paint jobs, chromed up, chicken lights, accessorized with creative, unique touches.... all the makings for rigs that become the center of attention at truck shows and on the road! 

The old school look has taken a jump in popularity in custom rigs, over the past number of years. Custom touches such as headlight visors, low windshield visors, original factory design paint scheme and countless other features, make up that old school look that is sweeping the truck show circuit.

Show trucks are symbols of the trucking industry. Ideally, it's the way we'd like the public to view the world of trucking.

They remind us of the good things left in a business that's taken a pretty good beating over the last number of years, with excessive laws, over scrutinizing and declining rates.

Big Rigs Show Trucks: Clifford Truck Show

The tricked out large cars on display at truck shows, make us forget all about the things in trucking, that we aren't particularly happy with...... Low rates, lousy pay and our frustration seem to fade into the background, even for just awhile.

No matter whether they're Peterbilt trucks, long hoods or cabovers, these trucks are fun to look at.....something a 'true big rig lover', never tires of.

Here are some of the finest, coolest, tricked out, trimmed up, bad-ass rigs out there.

There is one thing better than looking at these fine rigs...... fire one of them up, hear it purr, take the wheel and head down the road, and let the coal roll. 

Got a great photo of a very cool truck?

Send in your best show truck photos,

and we'll add them to the picture collection.

custom big rig trucks photos

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Kenworth W900 Show Truck
Custom Peterbilt 389 Show Rig Lime Black
2005 Peterbilt 379 Show Truck Custom
Custom Kenworth Show Truck Maroon
Kenworth Show Truck
Peterbilt 389 Show Truck Black
Peterbilt Show Truck Model 389
Black Custom Big Rig Truck
Peterbilt Show Truck Black Orange
389 Peterbilt Show Truck MATS 2014
Peterbilt Show Truck
359 Peterbilt Custom Truck

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