Pros & Cons Of A 280 Long Wheelbase Truck

2005 Black Green 379 Peterbilt

**I’m looking to purchase a 280 long wheelbase Peterbilt. What are the negatives and positives of a long wheelbase rig?


280″ Long Wheelbase Truck: Is a Long Wheelbase Truck Practical?

If you haul a step-deck or flat bed, there should be no problems, but with a reefer unit, you might get into some places where it’s really tight to get into. Don’t go into Manitoba, Canada, or they will have a ‘hissy fit’ about your length with a 48′ or 53′ trailer.

First of all, if you’re looking at buying a long wheelbase rig, it makes a difference where you run your truck. Since you didn’t specify where, I will speculate.

Currently, Canadian regs prohibits the use of this wheelbase with 53′ trailers. However, this isn’t a problem in the U.S.

If the truck is spec’ed well, regarding front axle turning radius, the advantages of a 280 long wheelbase are improved ride and improved swing/dip radius (the distance from truck to trailer).

This increased radius improves the ability to maximize your weight allowance on the steering axle. The extra frame rail length also allows room to mount generators or tool boxes.

For the most part, I’ve also found a longer wheelbase generally improves resale value as the truck is more versatile in most cases.

The only disadvantage that I can see with a 280 long wheelbase truck, is if turning  in extremely tight spots is an issue, as it adds to the overall length of the unit.

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