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One-on-One Coaching

Get the advice and guidance you need to successfully navigate the trucking industry.
One-on-One Coaching With Dave
Trucking Consulting

Get the guidance you need to thrive as a driver.

Finding the right source of information and guidance is the key to a successful career as a truck driver.

Yet, we understand how challenging it can be to get honest and straight answers you need to become a successful driver.

That’s why, after 45+ years in the trucking industry (company driver, owner-operator, independent operator, successful small fleet owner) we understand what drivers face.

If you are looking for help with a particular issue, problem or situation, which is related to your truck driving job, career or trucking business, we can help.

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one-on-one coaching

15 Minutes

Mini Consult
  • 15 minute consult
  • Get help with your concerns
  • Get actionable guidance
  • Over Zoom or phone

30 Minutes

Problem Solver
  • 30 minute consult
  • Get help with your concerns
  • Get actionable guidance
  • Over Zoom or phone

45 Minutes

Problem Solver
  • 45 minute consult
  • Get help with your concerns
  • Over Zoom or phone
  • Receive a session summary
  • + Practical suggestions

How to schedule your


01 Choose Time

Select between 15 or a 30-minute consultation.


02 Make Payment

Pay for your one-on-one securely using Paypal (credit cards accepted).


03 Get Answers

As soon as you have paid for your session, we’ll e-mail you and schedule a time to answer your pressing questions.


What People Are Saying

Learned a lot thanks to Dave!

Learned a lot thanks to Dave and can say that I got into the business thanks to this channel. Discovered it at 23 in 20213. Started off otr with a big name company, did that for a few months, then hauled dry bulk for 7 years. Now been hauling fuel for 12 months, all accident free. The industry always has something new to teach.


It really did my heart good.

Thank Dave for me. It really did my heart good to have a conversation with him. I admire the work and information you've shared. In fact I consider you mentors as there aren't any such knowledgeable drivers I've met to help beginners like me.


You don't sugarcoat the truth ever

I truly appreciate your honesty and views of the trucking industry, many times you're confirming what I already have been thinking. It's helpful that you bring clarity to this sketchy industry. You don't sugarcoat the truth ever. Thanks for what you're doing Dave, please carry on!

Jeffery L.

Thank you for educating the next generation!

Thank you man for all you've done to educate the next generation! You inspired me to get into an awesome career and now at 25 I'm pulling demountable trailers in the New England area, making $1,800 a week as 4-month rookie :D, thank you!


Frequently asked questions

Common questions from aspiring and experienced truckers.

Will the session be recorded?

As much as we would like to record the session, it will not be recorded, due to privacy issues.

What happens if I miss my scheduled consultation?

If you are unable to keep your scheduled consultation appointment, we need 24 hr. notice. All booked sessions are prepaid.

If you’ve cancelled 24 hr in advance, we can rebook the session.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my scheduled appointment?

If you have cancelled your appointment 24 hours in advance of the session, yes we will gladly refund the fees paid.

How do I know what session length I should choose?

If you have just one or two questions, the short 15-minute session should suffice. Several questions are best suited to the ½ hour session.

If you want to discuss a situation and have lots of questions, then a one-hour session is recommended.