Best Trucking Companies For New Drivers in the U.S., 2024

For new drivers entering the trucking industry, diving into the right pool can make all the difference.

The foundation of a good truck driving career starts with a carrier that doesn’t just see you as a number but values you for the potential you bring to the table.

A competitive salary and a solid benefits package are crucial in setting you up for success.

Let’s roll through some companies that understand the needs of someone new to trucking.

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Best All Around Trucking Companies For New Drivers

  • Estes Express, Richmond, VA: Known for respecting their drivers, offering great pay, and ensuring good home time.


  • TMC, Des Moines, IA: Offers decent pay and is a perfect gateway for new CDL drivers into trucking with their iconic Peterbilts.


  • Schneider, Green Bay, WI: Financial stability with a three-week structured training program, making it an ideal start.


  • Shaffer Trucking: Provides extensive 6-8 week route training with mentors to prepare you thoroughly.


  • J.B. Hunt, Lowell, AR: A well-respected carrier with a hyper-focused safety program and decent pay.


  • Smith Transport, Roaring Spring, PA: Offers newer model equipment and a variety of schedules to suit your life.


  • Maverick Transportation, North Little Rock, AR: Known for decent pay and benefits, despite the hard work that comes with flatbed trucking. They offer CDL training, so check out for more detail.


  • Dupre Logistics, Lafayette, LA: A rock-solid company with opportunities in both the van and tanker divisions.


  • May Trucking Company, Salem, OR: Recognized for its good training program, though pay may be lower than some peers. May does consider ‘entry level drivers’.


  • CFI, Joplin, MO: Welcomes new drivers with a paid CDL training program and variety of driving options. We like their mentorship program.


  • Old Dominion, N.C.: This trucking company is noted as being one of the best. They offer CDL training,  ‘Earn While You Learn’ and a tuition reimbursement program. Take the time to check out this solid company. 


  • Roehl Transport, WI: Roehl offers a version of paid CDL training (company pays for training) and a high level safety program. Exactly the right formula for a new driver in the trucking industry. Definitely worthwhile to investigate further. 

Truck Driver Standing by Truck

Importance of Getting a Good Start in Your Truck Driving Career

Each of these carriers not only welcomes new drivers but offers them a foundation to grow and thrive in the trucking industry.

A start with any of these companies offers not just a job, but a valuable learning experience that can set the foundation for a successful driving career. 

Starting a new career as a truck driver can feel like navigating through an unfamiliar terrain.

You don’t just need a good pay; you need a company that understands the needs of new drivers.

Key aspects like ample home time, a supportive mentoring system, and an unwavering commitment to safety must guide your choice.

These factors ensure that you build a strong foundation in the early stages of your career while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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