Best Flatbed Trucking Companies, US, 2024: Our Top Picks

There are over 1 million truck drivers working for flatbed trucking companies in the U.S. trucking industry.

However, not all flatbed outfits are created equal. 

Since you’re clearly in search of a truck driving job in the flatbed trucking sector, we’ve picked out a handful of flatbed carriers that are rock solid and have a good reputation.

Definitely worthy of further investigation for a driving job. 

Solid Flatbed Trucking Companies

Mercer Transportation

Mercer Transportation is a well-known flatbed trucking company operating throughout the United States. They have a good reputation in the trucking industry for providing reliable and efficient services. With their extensive experience, you can trust them for your flatbed transportation needs.

Mercer Transportation Logo Flatbed Trucking Company

  • Covered regions: United States
  • Key features: Good reputation, reliable service

Maverick USA

Maverick USA is another top choice for flatbed trucking in the United States. They have a strong presence in the industry, offering dependable and timely services. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your cargo will be handled with care and professionalism.

Maverick Trucking Logo Flatbed Trucking Company


  • Operating areas: United States
  • Standout qualities: Reliable, professional service

Lone Star Transportation, LLC

A gold nugget flatbed company that any driver who’s goal is to get into flatbedding, should check out Lone Star Transportation, in Gainesville, Texas. They have a reputation for prioritizing drivers’ needs (respect home time obligations) , good equipment, top notch pay, premium benefits, orientation and training pay, just to name a few.  

Besides the standard flatbedding, this trucking company also does heavy haul and super heavy haul. We also hear that starting pay for the ‘right driver’, starts @ .60/mile. 

Lone Star Transportation Logo Flat Company

  • Operating areas: All states, Canada, Mexico
  • Key points: Driver focused, Stellar training program, Good starter company, good finishing company

TMC Transportation

Specialized in flatbed and heavy haul transportation, TMC Transportation is a reliable carrier with a strong presence in the U.S. trucking industry. They are known for their dedication to safety, efficiency, and customer service.

TMC Trucking Company Logo

  • Service coverage: United States
  • Key characteristics: Safety focus, efficient

System Transport

System Transport , a flatbed trucking company, boasts current model trucks and a good variety of regional and OTR routes. They will take experienced drivers only, but will consider CDL holders with 4 months experience. However, they prefer applicants have 12 months of verifiable driving experience. Worth noting they do ‘specialized flatbedding’ eg. hauling glass. Paid orientation and one of the top flatbed payers in the industry. This carrier definitely caught our attention. Take the time to check them out. 

System Transport Logo


Freerksen Trucking Inc.

Located in Dodge Center, MN, Freerksen is noted to have plenty of dedicated customers. OTR and regional. .60/mile to start, good benefit package. 

Freerksen Trucking Inc. Logo

Giltner Transport

Giltner Transport has a heavy haul division based out of Atlanta, Georgia. (Drivers must live in the area). Long hood fleet trucks. Drivers are respected. Worth looking into.

Giltner Transport Heavy Haul Truck and Trailer loaded



Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) is a popular flatbed trucking company known for its flexibility in meeting tight deadlines. With a network across the United States, ATS offers various services tailored to your unique transportation needs.

ATS Company Truck

  • Geography: United States
  • Notable traits: Flexible options, wide-network

Central Oregon Truck Company

Central Oregon Truck Company. Originally formed by actual flatbed drivers and still run by flatbed drivers to this day. Pretty impressive. They are best noted for fair home time for their drivers and a stellar benefit package. Well paid for orientation. .64 cmp, $100 tarp, + loyalty pay. Worth the time to take a closer look at this outfit and their full pay package.  

Central Oregon Truck Company

Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport is a reputable carrier in the United States, providing dependable flatbed trucking services. Their experienced team ensures that your shipments are transported securely and efficiently to their destinations. Note that Roehl is also a company with paid CDL training

Roehl Transport Red Fleet Trucks

  • Regions served: United States
  • Attributes: Reputable, secure transportation

Melton Truck Lines

Renowned for its custom shipping solutions, Melton Truck Lines has a long-standing history in the trucking industry in the United States. Their knowledgeable team and well-maintained fleet guarantee that your cargo will reach its destination according to your preferences.

Melton Truck Lines Logo Flatbed

  • Market: United States
  • Points of interest: Custom solutions, knowledgeable team

C + J Trucking of Iowa 

C + J Trucking of Iowa: A small company with 40+ late model Pete Hoods. They specialize in flatbed specialty commodities like glass, lighting, farm equipment etc., pulling Conestoga wagons. 

C + J Trucking Logo

TWT Transport

A heavy haul carrier, pulling 105,000lb, running in the Northwest, Oregon, Washington, Idaho Pay rate starts @ .65/mile, driver experience etc. considered.  All miles paid. Modern equipment, with average age of

2 1/2 years old. Worth further investigation. 

TWT Truck and Trailer Heavy Haul Division Trucking Company

  • Area of operation: Oregon, Idaho, Washington State. 
  • Key features: Newer equipment, driver retention

Southern Pride Trucking

Southern Pride Trucking is another option worth considering for flatbed driving jobs. They operate across the United States and have a good reputation.

Southern Pride Trucking Inc. Logo


  • Area of operation: United States
  • Key features: Versatile services, customer-oriented


Understanding Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is a specialized type of trucking, designed to transport oversized, heavy, or oddly-shaped cargo that would not fit in standard enclosed trailers. New truck drivers can be trained specifically for these jobs after their initial CDL training.

Due to its specialized nature, flatbed drivers often receive higher pay compared to general freight haulers as more work is involved, such as tarping and securing loads.

With a flatbed trailer, the cargo is typically exposed on an open-deck flat trailer, allowing for easy loading and unloading of materials.

Flatbed trucks come in various configurations to suit different transportation and logistics needs.

Here is a brief overview of some common flatbed trailer types.

Flatbed trailer loaded with lumber

Types of Flatbed Trailers

When dealing with flatbed transportation, it’s essential to know the various types of flatbed trailers available.  Here’s a brief description of some common flatbed trailers to consider.

Standard Flatbed Trailer: The most common type, the standard flatbed trailer, has a simple, flat and open deck design. . It is approximately 53 feet long and 102 inches wide. This versatile trailer can accommodate a range of cargo, including machinery, construction materials and equipment, oversized items and heavy loads.

Step Deck Trailer: The step deck, or drop deck, trailer has two deck levels, allowing it to transport taller items without requiring additional permits for height. The split design gives additional clearance for taller cargo.  This design lowers the risk of damage to the cargo due to low bridge clearances or other obstacles. This style of trailer is particularly useful when transporting heavy specialized equipment or vehicles.

Flatbed Trailer with Oversize Load

Extendable Flatbed Trailer: For extra-long cargo, such as construction beams, pipes, or wind turbine blades, extendable flatbed trailers can be adjusted to the required length, providing secure and legal transport.

Conestoga Trailer : A Conestoga trailer s a flatbed trailer with a retractable tarping system, offering protection from weather and road debris without the need for a completely enclosed trailer. It’s ideal for transporting weather-sensitive materials.

Lowboy Trailer: Featuring a lower deck height, the lowboy trailer is designed for heavy or oversized loads that would be too tall for other trailer types. Often used for transporting heavy machinery and equipment, the lowboy trailer requires a special permit due to its design.

RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailer: The RGN trailer allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy or tall cargo. It has a detachable front, which creates a ramp for convenient loading, particularly useful for industrial equipment, large vehicles, or construction machinery.

Flatbed trailer with ramps

Frequently Asked Questions

Which trucking companies offer the best pay for flatbed drivers?

Although pay can vary based on several factors, some companies renowned for offering competitive salaries for flatbed drivers include Landstar System, Bennett Motor Express, and Maverick Transportation. It’s essential to research each company’s specific benefit packages, as details may change over time.

What are the top trucking companies for beginners in flatbed hauling?

For beginners eager to enter flatbed hauling, prestigious companies with extensive training programs and entry-level positions are essential. Melton Truck Lines, for example, boasts a Quest for Quality award and offers a solid foundation for new drivers. Likewise, Maverick Transportation has a flatbed division specifically designed to help newcomers.

How do owner operators choose the best flatbed trucking companies to collaborate with?

When seeking collaboration opportunities, owner-operators should consider companies with diverse loads, reputable customer bases, and flexible payment structures. Look for companies like Landstar System that offer flexible transportation solutions. Additionally, examine other relevant factors such as dispatch policies, insurance requirements, and cargo-hauling options to ensure a successful partnership.

Which are the best states to work in for flatbed trucking opportunities?

Flatbed trucking opportunities can vary considerably from state to state. Generally, states with robust industrial and manufacturing sectors generate more flatbed trucking jobs. Texas, California, and Illinois are popular for their thriving industries and cargo transportation needs. Remember that regional market trends, economic growth, and logistical routes play a significant role in determining the best states for flatbed trucking opportunities. Regularly monitor job boards and industry news to stay up-to-date with changing markets and opportunities.

Trucker standing by Peterbilt Big Rig

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