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Trucking Jobs Questions Answered

We are a trusted source of information about CDL truck driving jobs.

So, if you’re looking to nail a good driving job, we are going to help you do just that.

We’ll provide answers to questions many other professional drivers just like you, are asking too!

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How Much Do Trucking Jobs Pay?

The rate of pay for CDL driving jobs varies.  There’s as many different pay packages for trucking jobs as there are trucking companies.

However, you should know there are some niches in trucking which pay more than others.

There is an extensive range of driver pay:

  • In Canada, expect anywhere from .35/mile – .55 /mile for driving jobs.
  • In the U.S., pay rates start around .25/ mile and up

Most trucking jobs in Canada and the U.S. are paid by the mile.  In addition to the base mileage rate, there’s can be compensation pay for drops and pickups, border crossing pay, layovers and waiting time pay.

Paid mileage rate for trucking jobs will sometimes increase with experience and company loyalty.

A trucker’s salary starts somewhere around $32,000 annually and ranges up to $60,000+.  On average, a trucker in North America makes about $35,000 to $45,000 per year, although this varies greatly, from state to state and province to province.

When investigating a driving position, find out the average number of miles you can expect month and what you should expect to earn.

Then do the math. Will you be paid well and fairly compensated for your work? Be sure you understand their pay package.

Does it pay enough to compensate you for your labour and the fact you’ll be away from home? Remember to budget for your meals and other expenses while on the road.

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But What Are the High Paying Driving Jobs?

If you have some good solid driving experience under your belt and have a clean driving record, you may wish to go after one of the best paying trucking jobs in the industry!


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How Much Can an Owner Operator Make?

The rate of pay for owner operator trucking jobs varies a great deal.

Pay depends on the commodity being hauled,  the contractual rate the carrier offers, the location, your experience and most of all, how well you manage your owner operator trucking business.

Carriers normally offer mileage rates, with paid picks and drops, and various other perks. Some cover bridge and road tolls, while others don’t. Some pay waiting time and layovers, others don’t.

There’s liability insurance, buy down deductible insurance and hold back costs to consider.

Shop around and sharpen your pencil. Compare pay packages. Be sure you’re going to turn a profit.

Working for a good trucking company is half the battle.

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Are Truck Driving Jobs in Demand?

Yes, qualified truck drivers are in demand in North America.

There are plenty of trucking jobs to be had, but the key to a successful driving career, is to secure one that is to your liking, whether it be regional or OTR work, city or highway driving, team or solo, flatbed, reefer, tanker, general freight or heavy haul trucking, you’re bound to have preferences.

How Many Trucking Jobs Will Be Lost to Automation?

Drivers nowadays are getting worried about automation or autonomous trucks taking over the trucking industry and hence they would be without a job.

Yes, the industry is investigating and experimenting with driverless trucks.

However, the autonomous truck concept has a long way to go before it gets close to perfection to the point the idea will take over the industry.

Rest your mind. No need to worry about a robot taking your truck driving job any time soon.

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Should I Become an Owner Operator or a Company Driver?

I can’t decide if I should drive a company truck or buy my own rig and start off being an owner operator?

There are ups and downs to being a company driver or an owner operator.

The Company Driver

Some truckers are satisfied with company driving jobs for their entire career.

  1. Being a company driver doesn’t come with the extra worries and stress, faced by the owner operator – truck maintenance and repair, overweight issues, fines, truck payments etc.
  2. However, some truckers don’t like driving company equipment, and would much rather be driving a truck more to their liking.
  3. Some are satisfied to drive whatever they’re given. Many truckers who start out as a driver, try their hand at being an owner operator. Sadly, not all are successful.
  4. The profit margin can be lucrative, if you manage your business wisely. If money management and truck worries aren’t your thing, stick to being a driver, and leave the worries up to the carrier!
  5. As a company driver, the money you earn is yours and doesn’t belong to the tax man or the bank!

The Owner Operator

Many truckers dream about owning their own rig. There’s loads of perks for owner operators if you manage your business wisely.

  1. But, there’s loads of responsibilities that go along with owning your own truck – truck payments, fuel costs, replacing equipment, escalating truck expenses, insurance rates, maintenance(which takes money and time) and sometimes struggling to be paid by a carrier or a customer.
  2. If you decide at some point that you’re not satisfied with the deal you’ve made with a carrier, it’s not just a simple matter of leaving a carrier you’ve leased on with, and signing on with another. Chances are you are under a stringent contractual agreement and the company has a hefty hold-back fund of yours.
  3. It’s expensive to jump from carrier to carrier as an owner operator.

Do some careful thinking and research before accepting just any driving job.

It costs money to leave one job and start another. It’s also a waste of time and energy. It can also affect your driving record adversely, so be sure to ‘look before you leap’.

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Trucking Jobs With Training – Paid CDL Training

In the U.S., one of the options available to get a CDL, is to sign up to a trucking company which offers truck driver training to obtain a CDL, with a job after completing the training program.

These company sponsored training programs are hugely popular because they require very little or no money to get into the program.

  • Little or no money down to get into the program
  • there’s a driving job after training

In contrast, private truck driving schools have tuition fees which make them financially out of reach for many drivers. Having a job waiting for you after completing training, is a big perk!

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How to Find Truck Driving Jobs For Felons

If you have a felony, don’t despair. There is hope you can secure a professional driving job. We offer leads to trucking companies which hire felons and some tips to help you in your search for a trucking job.

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Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience

One of the most frustrating situations new truck drivers can face, is not being able to secure a driving job after getting their CDL.

If you’ve obtained your commercial driver’s license on your own, not with a private CDL school or a company sponsored training program, you may very well find yourself in this predicament.

Trucking companies (as dictated by their insurance company) want drivers with experience.

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Who Are the Best Trucking Companies to Work For in the U.S.?

Without a doubt, this is the most frequently asked question about truck driving jobs!

We’ve gathered together a list of the trucking companies we’ve personally researched, questioned and surveyed, which we feel are worthy of checking out further for a CDL driving job.

You’ll find trucking companies which we recommend for investigation for

  1. New Drivers
  2. OTR Jobs
  3. Best Companies For Training + a Job
  4. Best Paying Trucking Companies
  5. All Around Good Carriers to Check Out

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Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

With the introduction of mandatory driver training in Canada, fewer candidates are entering the industry.

If you’re a driver who is F.A.S.T. approved with a good driving record, you have excellent opportunities to secure a good paying truck driving job in the niche of your choice, in Canada.

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