The Dirtiest Trucking Company Trick I’ve Ever Heard Of

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Bus on highway driving on a sunny dayI’ve been around the trucking industry for more than 40 years. I thought I had heard all of the nasty tricks pulled on truck drivers.

But I was wrong. A number of drivers with who I spoke with, recently brought to my attention to the dirtiest trick I’ve ever heard of.

The Dirtiest Trucking Company Trick – How It Works

Here’s how the situation works.

A trucking company advertises for drivers. For example, the company is interested in 40 drivers who are living in the Indianapolis area.

The trucking company arranges for out of town drivers, to meet to travel by bus to the trucking company. The bus will take the drivers to the company terminal for training and hiring procedures. Sounds like a pretty good deal and a great way to get a driving job.

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Leaving the Driver Stranded

HOWEVER, some of these trucking companies turn away some of the drivers from their hiring procedures.

The drivers who did not make the cut and get a truck driving job, are turned away. Transportation is NOT provided for their return trip home.

In many cases, this trip could be a long way from their home and be very costly for the driver to find a means of transportation home. The drivers are left stranded in a city, usually hundreds of miles from home. Many of the drivers have not equipped themselves with sufficient money to pay for their way home.

The carriers are unwilling to provide a means for these drivers back home.

This is one of the dirties trucking company tricks I have ever heard of and I have heard of many.

These trucking companies leaving these drivers stranded in a strange city, with little to no money in their pocket, as they hadn’t expected to require much money.

It is also a very dangerous situation to leave a driver in. If the driver decided to hitch hike home, from a city like Chicago, the driver (especially in the winter time) could freeze to death, get hit by a vehicle, mugged or killed.

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More Than One Carrier Pulling This Dirty Trick

I have since had confirmation from numerous drivers there are MANY trucking companies out there, carrying out this nasty practice.

I want to bring this situation to the forefront to warn truck drivers, especially new drivers in the industry who are unaware of these nasty tricks..

Let this be a lesson for you.

Some carriers can be very untrustworthy. Just because the driver recruiter says something, don’t take it for being truthful.

Tips to Avoid Being Stranded

If you hear of a hiring opportunity in another city with transportation provided, your radar should go off!

  • Ask the recruiter, “Who is covering my transportation costs home, should I not make the cut and be hired by your company?” Be sure to obtain a copy of this in writing from the company.
  • Find out if the company will be covering your accommodations during training, should you be selected for a driving job.
  • Be prepared and have a sufficient amount of money and/or supplies with you, to survive during the training period.
  • Be aware. Trucking can be a dirty business.
  • Be prepared for the worst. Hope for the best. Do not be left stranded like a hobo. Take care of yourself and be prepared.

Protect yourself. ALWAYS.

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