hot custom big rig show trucks

Custom Semi Truck Lime Green

Custom big rig show trucks are a passion of many truckers.....fine big rig trucks  decked out from stem to stern with chrome and extra bling.

Many folks in the trucking industry, are attracted to these big rig 18 wheelers.

They're shiny, sleek and an awesome sight to see.....even those who don't own a customized unit, nor have any future plans to own one, can still appreciate the hard work and creativity that goes into the construction of these marvelous machines.

Some truckers do all of the restoration and custom work themselves, saving a 'ton' of money.

Specialized customization is outrageously chopping to lower the roof, suicide doors, chop and shave the breathers (hide the straps & lower breathers), and on newer trucks, hiding the DEF equipment... love that low, mean, clean look but not the big price tag that goes with it. 

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Building a customized semi is often an expression of the trucker's passion for his line of work....lovin' that big machinery and lovin' the look.

At Smart Trucking, we love the hard-working big rigs.... the 'get dirty and make money trucks', no matter what the make or the model. 

In our opinion, ANY big truck is a 'great truck', if it makes money.... 'cause that's what it is REALLY all about in this industry.

Love Those Custom Rides

Peterbilt Show Truck Orange Black

However, I must confess..... I am a 'custom truck junkie' too. Over the years, I've compiled a huge number of albums of photos of good-looking custom semi  trucks......  from the new tricked out rigs, older vintage model customized trucks, back-yard mechanic builds to owner operator customized rides.

One thing I know for sure when I spot a cool ride, whether at a truck show, a show 'n' shine or see a hot looking rig at a truck stop or see one on the highway out for a stroll, I kinda loose my head for just a moment and get caught up in the beauty of such a fine looking machine. I get excited, just like a little kid. Love those big show trucks.

Popular Custom Features

There's an endless list of ways to 'pimp your ride', but I personally have a few favorites.

Stainless Breather Cannister
  • stainless steel dropped bow tie visor
  • full fenders(cool, but highly impractical, I know)
  • stainless upgraded grille & crown
  • Texas stainless bumper (blind mount)
  • stainless wrapped fuel tanks (love the painted tanks too, with stainless straps)
  • stainless breathers
  • extra light bars (not enough to make a chicken truck)
Kenworth Show Truck Custom Interior Twin Sticks
Custom Kenworth Dash Switches
Big Rig Wheels Custom Spikes
Texas Chrome bumper

Cutomized Rides: Big Rig Show Trucks

Click on the images for a larger view.

I like 'em sleek and I like 'em sassy.  Here's a few customized rigs and some big rig show trucks to light your fire: owner operator and show trucks.

Freightliner Show Truck Blue
Kenworth Show Truck Red Custom
2014 389 Custom Peterbilt Glider
Kenworth Big Show Rig
White Peterbilt Show Rig
Kenworth Show Rig
Peterbilt 389 Show Truck
Custom purple Kenworth
2009 Peterbilt 389 Custom Rig
Peterbilt Custom Truck Green
Kenworth Custom Rig Blue
White Peterbilt Show Rig
Custom Pirates of the Caribbean Mural
Pirates of the Caribbean Mural on Big Rig
Pirates of the Caribbean Mural on Big Rig
Peterbilt Custom Owner Operator Truck
Peterbilt 379 Custom Rig and Trailer
Disorderly Conduct Big Rig Peterbilt

More photos of this show truck, DISORDERLY CONDUCT.

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