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Kneworth W900 Show Truck

Ask any Kenworth truck enthusiast and you’ll most likely discover, that the Kenworth W900 model is the model of choice.

The Kenworth W900A and Kenworth W900B model truck, are top models of classic semi trucks.

Blue Kenworth Big Rig

10 Facts + Trivia – Kenworth W900

  • This particular model of truck has that much desired classic look: the long nose and clean lines. It has a timeless look in a big rig that never goes out of style.
  • The Kenworth W900A and W900B have always been popular with the independent owner operator. They are usually too ‘high end’ to be considered for trucking company fleet trucks.
  • Although this classic styling of highway truck in the Kenworth and Peterbilt line-up has been popular for a long time, their days may be numbered, due to the increasing need for highway trucks with better aerodynamics.
  • Essentially, the difference between the KW W900B model and the other Kenworth models is the style of the truck cab. They are either ‘W900 Aerocab or not Aerocab’. The additional letter with the model number indicates some styling differences. The A’ indicates first generation in the W900 series, and the ‘B’ means it’s the 2nd generation of the W900 series.
  • The W900L is the long hood version.
  • These trucks tend to be ‘heavier’, so depending upon the application, or the work the truck will be doing, the sheer weight many be a factor to consider, esp. with the studio sleeper model, designed for the owner operator. It all depends on the spec’s of the vehicle.  If a lighter truck is needed, it may be necessary to go for a Peterbilt with it’s aluminum body and lighter weight.
  • Many truckers think Kenworth rigs have the best interior set-up, design and quality of all highway trucks. Although I’m a long time Peterbilt buyer, I would agree that KW certainly does a fantastic job at interior design for their Class 8 highway trucks.
  • These trucks for the most, part retain good value.
  • If you’ve decided to buy used rather than new, there are many very good, used Kenworth trucks for sale, in good working condition.
  • The W900 came in 2 models: The A model and the B model. There were some differences between the two.

A Comparison of the 2 Kenworth W900 Models

Each of these W900 models had their good points as well as a few bad points.

We put these 2 iconic models of trucks side by side for a comparison.

The Kenworth W900A – Perks

  • Smooth ride. The Kenworth W900A is a good looking nice, smooth riding truck
  • Finish. It has a good quality finish
  • Resale. As with other Paccar long hood models, the resale value is very good
  • Quiet inside. A very tight truck: no wind leaks, no rattles, very quiet
  • Air ride. Kenworth was the first to introduce the original air ride system (patented), nice smooth suspension
  • Good looks and quality.  You’ll still see some of these great looking Kenworth W900A trucks, that are in excellent shape and have retained their value

The Kenworth W900A – Downsides

  • Poor turning radius. The KW A model did not have a good turning radius
  • Poorly set up steps. The second step into the truck is too high, unless you have legs like a giraffe, to use the second step comfortably.
  • A very heavy hood. The A model hood was so heavy that it would suffer stress cracks after a few years. When comparing the A model hood to the B model hood, it  is somewhat lighter in weight.

The Kenworth W900B – Perks

  • Attractive design. A nice overall classic design, with the long hood styling, although the hood is a heavy one to tilt (due to fiberglass composition)
  • Great cab layout.Well designed cab and beautiful V.I.P. interior.
  • Insulated cab. The cab is well insulated, resulting in a warm, quiet environment.
  • Access door. Convenient exterior access to the bunk area
  • Ventilation. Good ventilation on the side doors
  • Great choice for teams. The high bunk version has windows which makes for nice, bright space inside, good choice of truck for team driving
  • Fridge. Handy fridge in closet area
  • Good door seals. Door seals are superior to it’s predecessor, the A model.
  • Good fuel tank support. The  fuel tanks are supported by struts underneath, so if the straps break, the tanks won’t hit the ground, unlike the Peterbilt, where the fuel tanks are held from the top. If  the straps ever let go, the fuel tanks hit the ground

The Kenworth W900B – Downsides

  • Compromised steering capability. It doesn’t turn as sharply as it could, although the Kenworth W900S has a different steering setup, which has sharper steering capability
  • One piece windshield. Kenworth went to the once piece windshield for aerodynamics, but there was a down-side to this improvement. These one piece windshields are more expensive to replace and keeping the windshield clean with the wipers, is not so efficient. Comes in a flat or a curved windshield.
  • Poor positioning for passenger window control. On the passenger side, the control for the windows was by the headliner, very inconvenient positioning
  • Poor quality chrome. The quality of the chrome wasn’t great. The grills would start to rust in a few years
  • Windshield seal issues.

Kenworth W900 Collection

KW W900A, KW W900B, KWW900L

1980 Kenworth W900A
1979 KW W900A
1993 Kenworth W900B Dark Blue Truck
1993 KW W900B

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