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The cabover truck design is long past it's 'hey day'. However, this style of big rig truck is rising to the surface once again.

These rigs were once quite commonly seen rolling down the highways, but now a sighting of a cabover truck on the road, is rare.

They had their perks, but due to safety issues and semi truck length laws, they became less popular, and thus production of these rigs, halted.

In more recent years, however, this truck style has made a resurgence in popularity, particularly at truck shows.

Enough said. Here's a YOUTUBE VIDEO featuring cabover Kenworth truck pictures, FreightlinersPeterbilts, Diamond Reo, Mack, Ford and GMC....

We sure do love 'old school'.

Cabover Truck Photos

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1982 Marmon Cabover 110P

1982 Marmon COE - A 110P, with the rare option of a V-grill and V-bumper, which is known as the VIP package. It's powered by an NTC 400 Cummins, 15 speed, 433 ratio with dual air breathers. This is a highly detailed restoration of the exterior and the interior, which was recently completed. Owned by Ryan Wichtner, FL.

Diamond Reo Cabover Truck

1974 Diamond Reo Cabover - An early model of COE style rig, American made. These trucks were as tough as nails! This 1974 model was one of the last trucks to travel down the assembly line,  before the company went bankrupt in late 1974. 

GMC Cabover Rig

GMC COE -  1986 Astro - The Cabover truck was originally designed to stay within the length laws imposed by the authorities. Eventually, as the restrictions on truck lengths increased they were replaced with safer, long hood models.

1985 Cabover Kenworth Truck

1985 Kenworth Cabover, K-100 - Kenworth release the first of their cabovers, in 1955. The Kenworth cabover, better known as the 'bull nose', was built with comfort and driver safety in mind. Some models had quite large sleeper berths.

1985 Cabover Kenworth Big Rig

1985 Cabover Kenworth, K100 - This Aerodyne model of COE, was one of the best looking of the cabovers. Resale on these, still seems to be excellent! A popular model of truck, with COE fans, and with a following and some 'clubs' across North America.

1962 Cabover Peterbilt

1969 Peterbilt, 262 COE - Some truckers are of the opinion that cabovers, were the best style of truck ever! Many owners have restored their rigs to original mint condition.

1979 352 Peterbilt Cabover

1979 Peterbilt, 352 Cabover - This Peterbilt has been beautifully restored by it's owner! This model was designed to have a higher cab, bigger rad, and a larger engine, than it's predecessor.

1983 Cabover Freightliner Powerliner

1983 Freightliner COE Rig - This gorgeous rig was on display at the Clifford Truck Show.  The owner has done a terrific job in restoring the unit, to it's original condition. It's a working truck, too! (Powerliner)

1983 Cabover Freightliner  - Some truckers would rather drive a 'flat nose' truck rather than a long hood often reminds the driver of a rig driven in their early trucking days.

1995 Freightliner Cabover

1995 Freightliner C.O.E. - A 60 Detroit and a 10 speed trannie under the hood. It's been stretched, and also has a tag axle. She carries weight between 93-105,000+lb loads. 800,000 miles, and a rebuild.

Australian Cabover

Kenworth C.O.E. Australia - This photo was sent in, by a team, from the 'land of down under'! Notice their 'trucker buddy' sitting patiently behind the cab. Good looking KW.

1974 International Cabover

International Cabover - A 1974 model, powered by Cummins 400, 13 speed transmission, owned by Mark Johnson.

International Cabover Red
1990 Peterbilt 362 Cabover
1984 Kenworth Cabover
Black Cabover
Diamond T Cabover
1979 International Cabover
1981 International Transtar II
Cabover Peterbilt Gold & Orange Rig
Cabover Peterbilt Red White
Kenworth Cabover Black Red
Ford Cabover Big Rig Truck
Freightliner Cabover
Cabover Freightliner Blue
Kenworth K100 Cabover
Black Ford Cabover American Trucker Rig

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