10 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Quit Their Jobs

Truck Driver Beside His Long Hood Truck

In the trucking industry, retaining drivers is a constant challenge for trucking companies.

Understanding why truck drivers quit is essential for companies aiming to improve their retention rates.

This post lists the top 10 reasons why truck drivers walk away from their jobs, shedding light on crucial aspects that contribute to this widespread issue.

You’ll most like be able to identify with one or two of these reasons, why you left a driving job or are currently thinking of making a change. 

Truck Driver Beside His Long Hood Truck

Why Truck Drivers Walk Out the Door

  • Poor and inadequate training. Many new drivers find themselves ill-prepared for the demands of the job, leading to fear and a realization that they may not be cut out for the risks involved in a truck driving job. After all, it’s not for everyone.
  • Unrealistic expectations. Some drivers enter the industry without fully grasping the time commitment and lifestyle changes required, leading to dissatisfaction and a desire to leave.
  • Industry changes. Shifts in industry practices, such as the introduction of new technologies like ELD systems or changes in operations in a company, can lead to discontent among drivers who prefer the traditional ways of working. Old school ways ‘die hard’.
  • Boredom and the need for change. Trucking, like any job, can become monotonous over time. It’s human nature and just that simple.
  • Junk Equipment. Drivers often bear the brunt of mechanical issues with trucks and trailers, leading to frustration and safety concerns. After all, if a driver is found to have faulty equipment in an inspection, the blame can be placed on their shoulders, leading to fines and points on their CDL. Instances where drivers feel their safety is compromised due to poorly maintained equipment, unrealistic schedules, or hazardous working conditions, can push them to quit their jobs in search of something better.
  • Time management issues. Some trucking companies handle home time, reset periods, and unpaid waiting times poorly with their drivers. This can lead to burnout and upset drivers. And rightly so. Sitting in some dumpy shop while your truck gets fixed, without pay, and through no fault of your own, really ‘bites’. So much so, that drivers will ‘walk out the door’ and look for another driving job.
  • Lack of trust due to dishonesty. Dishonesty from management or dispatchers destroys trust and can push drivers to look for another job. There’s so much of this in trucking unfortunately.
  • Unpaid waiting time. Hours spent waiting at loading docks without pay add up, leading many drivers to feel undervalued, ripped off and disrespected. The trucking industry is improving slightly in this area, where drivers are being paid for detention time, but there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement in this area.
  • Inadequate pay. Despite long hours and time away from home, some drivers find that their pay does not reflect the sacrifices they make, especially when compared to the cost of living. This is a common one. Some trucking companies have upped their game and improved driver wages. But the industry as a whole has a long way to go.
  • Lack of respect: Feeling unappreciated or disrespected, especially during challenging times like the pandemic, is a significant factor leading to many drivers to leave the industry.

You Deserve A Decent Job With Decent Company

In today’s trucking, drivers are starting to step away from trucking companies and sometimes step away from their trucking career, if the job just isn’t cutting it.

They have the right to solid driver training, fair treatment, good pay and repect.

There are trucking companies out there that do prioritize the health and welfare of their drivers and created environments where drivers feel valued.

These are the companies which are more likely to attract and retain top drivers.

This benefits the driver and in turn the industry as a whole.

As a professional truck driver, never think you must settle for the current driving job you’re with. There’s ALWAYS something better out there waiting for you.

The only challenge is finding that driving job.

At Smart Trucking, one of our top priorities is to help you find that ideal driving job.

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