The Big Rush For More Truck Drivers To Put Behind the Wheel

Professional Old School Truck driver

It never ceases to amaze me how many regulations govern and control nearly every move we make as truck drivers.

It shouldn’t surprise you whatsoever to know the powers that be, are at it again.

This time, they are attempting to change CDL requirements.

The A.T.A, The American Trucking Association has put forth a petition to the FMCSA to alter CDL requirements for licensing new truck drivers.

The Proposed Changes To CDL Training Requirements

  • Applicants would have the choice to take the CDL Skills Test in any state. Currently, applicants must take the skills test in their ‘home state.
  • The student would no longer need to wait 14 days to retake the CDL Skills Test, when they have their CDLP (Commercial Driver’s Learner’s Permit)
  • After passing the CDL Skills Test, students can drive a commercial vehicle on the interstates, without a qualified CDL driver in the passenger’s seat (hard to believe this one is for real!)
  • 3rd party ‘knowledge’ testers need to take the training, certification and are subject to record-check standards as are the current state examiners.

Reasons For the Proposed Changes 

Are you ready for this? 

The FMCSA thinks these changes will make it more convenient and efficient to get a CDL and WON’T hinder safety!!!!! 

What’s REALLY GOING ON With These Proposed Changes

These proposed changes are ludicrous. 

Allow a student driver on the interstate WITHOUT a licensed driver with them? 

I’ll bet this proposal is being kept from the general public. 

And even if the public did read this, they really wouldn’t understand the true ramifications of these proposals!!!! 

We already have an epidemic of truck drivers getting into our industry without the solid training needed to drive a truck! 

In my opinion, these proposed changes are weakening the CDL training system, not make it stronger as it needs badly.

These proposed regs are merely a way to put more fast-tracked trained drivers behind the wheel, long before they should be. 

All in the name of profit. 

It’s truly distressing to those of us who have been in the trucking industry for many years, to see our beloved industry deteriorating before our eyes.

Welcome to the new face of trucking. 

Professional Old School Truck driver

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