How a Dash Cam Can Save YOUR Day as a Truck Driver

Falcon Dual Camera Dash Cam

A dash cam can literally save your day, as a commercial truck driver.

A friend of mine was travelling through British Columbia in his new Peterbilt.
The day was no different than any other. The traffic wasn’t particularly heavy. But there was a steady flow of traffic.

Suddenly, a tire comes loose from a vehicle on the other side of the highway. The flying tire crosses the median.

My friend tried to move over to the right when he saw the flying wheel.

The Flying Wheel Hits the Truck

Unfortunately, he was unable to move in time. He incurred some damage to his truck. Fortunately, he caught the entire incident on his dash cam.

Even with a bull catcher mounted on the truck to protect the grill, the flying tire did $10,000 damage to his Peterbilt.

The police were able to track down the vehicle that caused this accident.  They were able to find a camper trailer down the road, installing a spare on the vehicle.

In this case, the truck driver was able to prove his innocence to the police investigating the accident. He could prove that he was not responsible in any way for the damage to his truck.

The dash cam was able to substantiate the story of the truck driver.

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Every Trucker Should Have a Dash Cam

Dash cams are a must have for the professional truck driver.  Drivers travel hundreds of miles daily and can encounter many situations. Photographic evidence of a situation can be a real life saver for a trucker.

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Falcon Dash Cams gave me a dash cam setup, consisting of 2 cameras.

This second camera can be utilized to record traffic behind the truck. It can also be pointed to the traffic travelling beside the truck. Or it can be pointed at the driver as well.

Some drivers do not like the idea of having their every move recorded.  I agree with this.

However, if you own the dash cam, you could have the camera pointed at you to record. In the event of an accident, it could help to show that you were doing as you should have been.

Since you would own the camera, you would own the footage. In the event of an incident where you needed to substantiate your story, you could use the dash cam footage to your benefit, if needed.

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Dash cams are great protection for the professional truck driver.
No driver should be without one.

Sadly, often the law takes the view that the truck driver is often viewed to be guilty, until proven innocent.

A dash cam is just the tool to prove your innocence, and protect you and your CDL.

It’s an investment in you, your safety and your future in the trucking industry.


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