Peterbilt Show Trucks – Some of the Finest Petes Around!

Black 389 Peterbilt Custom Rig

Peterbilt show trucks are no doubt, in a class of their own, among custom big rigs.

Some are practical working trucks and some are created solely for the truck show circuit.

Big rig owners who customize their ride, aim to stand out in a crowd, with their semis ‘decked out to the nines’!

These tricked out trucks are meant to be seen from a distance as they roll down the highway….lookin’ large and lookin’ cool.

Many of these custom Petes, compete at truck shows.

The goal of customizing a show truck? Being the absolute best in their class!

Petes seem to have all the ‘right stuff’…..they’re low, lean and cool and that’s the stuff that grabs our attention!

Mmmmmmm…….there’s nothing quite like a Pete, all decked out, lookin’ fine.

peterbilt show trucks

Why a Pete?

When a trucker purchases a new Pete, he is buying one of the finest pieces of machinery, money can buy!

Pete owners know that they are paying ‘top dollar’ for their rig.

But they also know that it will outperform and outshine anything else on the road!

That’s why diehard Peterbilt fans, pay the big bucks for THEIR rigs! ALL Peterbilt trucks look great, even the plain ones ordered in bulk, sitting on the dealer lots!

Small Investment, Big Difference

You’ve already taken the plunge and invested in a Pete.

By adding just a few accessories and a few tasteful Peterbilt truck parts, you can have a very cool looking ride, for not a lot of money.

After spending the big dough on a truck, just a bit of extra cash, can really add some pizz-azz, some spark, and zing to the look! AND that’s what customizing a rig is all about….. The look, the uniqueness and the ‘wow’ factor!

The truth of the matter is this…. even if it’s a plain old Pete without any extra bling, you may you feel as I do.

‘I’ve never seen a Peterbilt that I didn’t like!!”

Peterbilt Show Trucks Collection

Custom Peterbilt 379 Shell Super Rigs 2017
1985 362 Peterbilt
Peterbilt Show Truck Aqua Orange White
1997 379 Peterbilt
Orange 389 Peterbilt Truck Peterbilt 379 Custom Big Sleeper Berth Yellow 379 Peterbilt Show Truck Lime Green White 2013 389 Peterbilt Rig Lime Green White Black 1972 Maroon Needlenose Peterbilt Rig Peterbilt 389 Show Truck Black Orange 359 Peterbilt Black Gray Custom Rig Red White Peterbilt 389 Truck With Stainless Tanker Trailer 1982 Peterbilt 362 Cabover Blue Black
1982 362 Cabover Peterbilt

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